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Duration: 0:00
Author Michel Bel discusses how our good acts and deed will bring us a life of Gratitude.
Document ID: tvyle9Gm1wI
Duration: 0:00
Author Michel Bell explains how to cope with the current credit crisis.
Document ID: 3nJj9LSC0xo
Duration: 0:00
Chris Sligh came from humble beginnings. Now he uses his talents to serve the Lord. See how Chris' faith in God influences his music.
Document ID: XIvZk8hTwOo
Duration: 0:00
A lighthearted look at a preacher preaching of "Christmas Mania"
Document ID: pfYLKy0gMXA
Duration: 0:00
God never ask these things on us on that day. But what matters is how we live in this life. We have God to keep us from sinning, he will help us to remain unspotted from this sinful world.
Document ID: dvAR-ouCCpo
Duration: 0:00
Larry Damerval is an amazing father and husband who spent his days working for an energy company as an accountant, living a "normal" life. Little did he know how quickly things could change.
Document ID: ysvP8RdISM8
Duration: 0:00
Just like - My Redeemer Lives - Team Hoyt - This is an incredible story about the Gainesville State School and Grapevine Faith
Document ID: 5A4WYHD__oM
Duration: 0:00
Michelle Mabie was already suffering with lower back and leg pain when she developed an ulcer.
Document ID: kP1Y1ORKW0c
Duration: 0:00
While within earshot of atheist activists who regularly attack Christianity,
Document ID: q4BArolY1Wk
Duration: 0:00
HIV/AIDS affects everyone. What should be the church's response to this epidemic? How do we love those that are hurting?
Document ID: PDM4IklvETY
Duration: 0:00
We know that God patterned us after His image. But that does not mean that we are exactly like God.
Document ID: lHCG0Hl3sJA
Duration: 0:00
Kirk Cameron interviews evangelist Ray Comfort, then preaches the sermon "Hell's Best Kept Secret" on TBN in January 2002.
Document ID: H19hD_5t9r4
Duration: 0:00
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preaches on how to shine. Arise and shine.
Document ID: UhIvmvyxRio
Duration: 0:00
Acclaimed New York painter Makoto Fujimura and other experts discuss the role of faith within the Arts.
Document ID: _tZnvI2SUm8
Duration: 0:00
Many people are afraid that if they ask someone to come to church with them they'll be seen as a "Jesus Freak" or "Bible Banger."
Document ID: id7YY1qWEgo
Duration: 0:00
A BBC news story profiling various faith based businesses in the United States.
Document ID: qgiyApXTkNk
Duration: 0:00
Al Alceves started a rough bikers club soon after returning from the Vietnam War. This big, rugged, hard core thug has undergone an extreme makeover by the Holy Spirit.
Document ID: B5mpd13hsXs
Duration: 0:00
A retrospective of Billy Graham many decades of evangelism.
Document ID: IQ_IoyqvLCU
Duration: 0:00
Billy Graham preaches the timeless truths of God
Document ID: WmIxJXarSak
Duration: 0:00
Bishop John Shelby Spong discusses the God Experience and the essence of the Jesus Story.
Document ID: I3bBx6fAPck
Duration: 0:00
Bishop TD Jakes on his birthday preaches on our blessings not being out of our reach as long as we put our all in God
Document ID: NcL0MRIG6MU
Duration: 0:00
Part 8 Bono about his Faith, about God, Jesus, the change in his life and about Love Love Love :)
Document ID: Bz0pciXKUVw
Duration: 0:00
Part 5 Bono about his Faith, about God, Jesus, the change in his life and about Love Love Love :)
Document ID: wcsWJkplvCY
Duration: 0:00
Part 4 Bono about his Faith, about God, Jesus, the change in his life and about Love Love Love :)
Document ID: 8aGR6gXqwHY
Duration: 0:00
Part 9 Bono about his Faith, about God, Jesus, the change in his life and about Love Love Love :)
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