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People have valid questions about Jesus and biblical values. But beyond that, the Person of Christ and scriptural Christianity are under attack today by radical atheists, agnostics and secularists as never before. For instance, many people consider us bigoted for taking a biblical position against homosexuality. They don't realize that the Lord loves homosexuals but hates the sin that destroys their life. The average homosexual's life expectancy is 30 years less than a heterosexuals. Disease, drug and alcohol abuse and suicide take a cruel toll on them.  And there are Christian ministries that have helped many thousands of people be free from the shackles of the homosexual lifestyle.
This is how we can counter attacks on our faith, religious liberties and free speech: sound scholarship coupled with responsible, effective ministry that yields reasonable answers to legitimate questions. This is the best way to neutralize their influence on family, friends and loved one. We can help you find great solutions to terrible problems. We can help your family, loved ones and friends through competent, rational, trained scholars and apologists who will help your loved ones "understand, so they can obey with their whole heart."
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