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Only God Finest
Only God Finest
Christians are dying every day from heart disease, diabetes, strokes, cancer and many other life threatening ailments but it shouldn't be that way. In many instances, they are dying for lack of knowledge. We want to change that. Our connection with Only Natures Finest gives you the most competent, dependable, affordable way to get your body healthy and fit.
New breakthroughs in natural health and alternative medicine will help you in ways that will astound even your doctor. Experts from around the world -- MD's, Ph.D.'s, and even Nobel prize winning scientists -- make their knowledge available to you at this amazing site. You'll find over ten thousand articles and a thousand videos on every major disease and many minor ones. Alternative health practitioners and products that will get you healthy and keep you healthy are available there as well.
Only Nature's Finest
Only Natures Finest - Natural Product for Natural Living
Medi-Share Christian Health Cooperative
Medi-Share - the Biblical Healthcare solution - since 1993
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My Body His Temple--Christian Nutrition & Health
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The Fit Christian Magazine, A Christian Health & Fitness Magazine
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