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So, Why Does Counseling Seldom Work?

In the early years of my counseling I once gave up to eight hours a week in free counseling to a woman whose problems never got better. After about two months of this I called it quits. I now know what I didn't know then. Free counseling is worth what you pay for it! And counseling that doesn't lead to healing seldom does much good.

Why? Years ago, a study unearthed a shocking discovery. Those who went to counseling for a problem took longer to recover than those who didn't! There are many reasons for this, but the most important factor to remember is that we forget 90% of what's ever happened to us. That means that at best, counseling only treats 10% of our problem.

So what's the solution? The 90% that we don't consciously remember is
indelibly recorded in our brain. Scientists have shown that if you touch the exact same spot on the brain with an electrode, the memory and all the feelings associated with it return.

Do you see what I see in that statistic? If we can access the feelings that are stored in any traumatic event, it's much easier to heal the real root causes of our problems and not just endlessly treat the underlying symptoms.

People ask how we get such remarkable results at our Quantum LEAP Healing Retreat. It's simple. We designed it to go straight to the root problems and uncover them, using feelings instead of memories as our guide.

We use simple, gentle, but very powerful methods to reconnect with the hurts that underlie our problems. It doesn't matter if the problem relates to marriage, work, bad habits, depression or anything else. Once those core hurts are uncovered -- the very things the led to our problems -- dealing with them is simple. We ask God Himself, the very God who promised to heal ALL our dis-eases, to heal the pain that was previously unresolved. And He's glad to do it. Once the underlying core pain is healed, the problems usually evaporate. At worst, they become much more manageable.



Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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