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Why Healing Matters

Why does healing matter? If you’ve read this newsletter for long, you’ve learned that Jesus’ name includes the promise of healing. Christ means Messiah, which means anointed One. Jesus said he was anointed (endued with power from God) to heal the broken hearted and liberate the bruised.

So why is healing so important that Jesus’ name references it as being central to his mission? Without it we can’t really be Christians.

The essential requirements of Christianity are that we love. We’re commanded to love God first, our neighbor as ourselves, Christians in a very special way and even our very enemies. None of this is possible if we are broken.

Make no mistake, in varying degrees, we are all part of the walking wounded. None of us escapes adolescence without some serious wounding. Family, teachers, classmates, lovers, friends and even pastors and religious people will wound each of us at some time in our lives. I know I’ve been wounded by all of the above. And while we are called to forgive those who hurt us, forgiveness alone doesn’t heal anything.

Jesus came to heal the broken hearted because a broken heart is universal to every person who ever lived. He came to liberate the bruised because we’ve all been bruised and our bruises lead us into bondage. And as wonderful as the rebirth is it, doesn’t magically heal all the damage that’s been done. If it had, God wouldn’t have given gifted healers to His Church.

Healing makes the church more loving as well as more whole. It frees people up to be less compulsive and sinful and more out-going and caring. This has a powerful effect on churches. About half the churches where I led healing seminars doubled in size within a year. This wasn’t a result of an outreach program it was the natural consequence of people finding such great good news that they had to share it. Indeed, friends and loved ones saw a visible difference in their lives and wanted to experience it for themselves.

Why does healing matter? Because God loves us and wants to free us from the things that hold us back. When we let Him do that, His love is released to flow more freely through us and since He is Love, He gets shared more freely with a sick and dying world. 


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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