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What’s So Great About Healing?

People ask me if we do prayer healing. We do, but you should realize that what we do is different from any other healing you may have experienced anywhere else. It’s also pretty incredible.

Some churches offer a form of prayer healing, which is great. It usually involves volunteers, with relatively little training or experience, offering to pray for people in a manner they have been taught, that enables people to open to God and receive a healing touch. This is terrific and very helpful, but dramatically different from what you will experience at our retreats or when you come to me for individual healing work.

First, I have degrees in both psychology and theology and integrating the two has been my life work. I’ve counseled people for 33 years and led retreats for 26 years. I’ve been ministering healing for 18 years, and I’ve conducted our spiritual healing retreats and seminars for over 15 years. As you can imagine, the experience you will receive from here is significantly different from what you will receive from a volunteer lay minister or even a Ph D psychologist, psychiatrist or pastor.

Secondly, if you attend our retreat, you will receive material to read before you come to prepare you for the experience. As soon as we begin the retreat, I will lead you into gentle yet powerful experiential exercises to help you connect emotionally with core pains that you have long since forgotten. After all, time doesn’t heal all pain. It doesn’t heal anything. It merely drives pain deeper into the subconscious where it can lurk and hide for decades and fuel most of your self-sabotaging behavior, compulsions and interpersonal problems. That’s why we want you to access it. You can only heal what you can feel.

People eventually learn to call the experiencing of accessing their core pain “a hurt that feels good.” For many people, who have spent a lifetime numbing their pain, any feeling is wonderful for it makes them realize how alive they are and restores their passion. Because they are on a healing weekend, they have hope for the first time in many years that they can improve their life. And they can. That’s why our motto is ‘Transform Your Life in a Weekend’. I can’t remember the last time anyone left our retreat feeling like they didn’t experience profound healing and transformation.

Third, we use gifted small groups with clear and proven guidelines to help you find and heal the pain that plagues you. In those groups, people discover they have spiritual gifts they never knew they had. For most, the experience of seeing and feeling God use them to heal another person’s pain is as wonderful as receiving their own healing.

Fourth, our healing is directed and empowered by God Himself. The Holy Spirit is not only our Comforter but also our Healer. Once you access your core pain and we lead you back through it properly, we invite the Holy Spirit to heal all the damage that was done and “restore the years the locusts have eaten.” When God heals your wounds, you become stronger not weaker, better not bitter. Often a person rests for a long time in God’s Presence as the Spirit heals their brokenness and sets them free. You will leave the retreat looking at least five years younger, as the cares, pressures and tensions drain from your innermost being.

The best news?         When I see people years later, they tell me that the healing they received transformed their life.

Our next retreat is scheduled for September 15. You will no doubt find many reasons why you can’t come, from money, to timing, to being afraid. In reality, these are just diversions to keep you from getting the healing God has for you. Once you commit to coming, all the reasons will fade away and you will realize what lies they were and who it is that doesn’t want you healed.

I hope you’ll come. I know you’ll be eternally glad you did. Nothing is more important than your own personal growth and healing. It’s a huge part of what life is all about. 


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
 "Ken's new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, goes beyond self help to self healing. You can preview it at The Ultimate Breakthrough "
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