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The Real Secret to Healing

People who object to healing often say if healing were for today, we would empty out hospitals. It isn’t that simple. Jesus knew that people needed faith to receive healing. He also knew how to build faith so people could be healed. Fortunately, he also told us the real secret for healing. If we want New Testament results, we must use New Testament methods. We did that at my last retreat. The results were wonderful. Virtually everyone received significant healing.

 So what are these forgotten methods? The Apostle James tells us. The sick should call for the elders. They are to anoint with oil and pray for them. Many churches do some of this, with mixed results and little real healing. Why? James mentions another step, one that’s almost always left out. The elders and the sick must confess to one another. Without this, God doesn’t guarantee healing.

 There’s a potent linkage between sin, sickness and our capacity to pray with faith. There’s also a powerful connection between mind and body. This last step takes care of all of that.

 The exercise I used at our last retreat was to pair up with a partner. I then asked who had been a Christian longer in each pair. With that established I read this passage in James and asked the elder Christian to begin by confessing any unconfessed sins. Then the younger Christian followed that lead, confessing their unconfessed sins. Then they each prayed for one another.

 Mutual confession accomplishes many things. First, unconfessed sin can’t hamper their prayers. It also builds a closer fellowship between people, allowing a deeper intimacy with God and the other person. In that trusting atmosphere, compassion flourishes. Guilt, self-condemnation and pretenses evaporate, along with self-hatred. In a church, elders would have to come down off their pedestal and get real with the people they lead. I suspect this would end many of the political games church leaders play in board meetings. In this open, vulnerable, genuine atmosphere of acceptance, love, and forgiveness, sin and disease must flee. Their grip is finally broken.

 Perfectionism is rampant in the church. Guilt-based preaching makes many Christians feel like miserable failures, worse than the other smiley faces they see each Sunday morning. When a person learns that their elder has feet of clay, that all temptation is common to man and we all have our besetting sins, it removes the hidden blockages that sabotage God’s ability to help us. Walking in the light helps us achieve real fellowship where we can be cleansed as well as forgiven. The ‘God with skin’ - in the person of the elder - enables us to expose the dark lies that keep us hiding in our inner caves. We can freely receive God’s grace. Compassion and deep healing follow. 


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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