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How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

The hidden meaning in Jesus’ name explains spiritual healing. He was named Jesus because He saves us from our sins. He was named Christ – the Anointed One – because He was uniquely empowered by God’s Spirit to heal the broken hearted, release us from our captivity and bondage, and liberate us from our wounds. To apprehend this we must understand both parts of His name.

 Saving us from our sins is tricky because sin, like meekness, is a tarnished word. Most people want to inherit the earth but few understand how meekness enables them to do that. A similar misunderstanding affects sin. Sin binds us, keeping us from being free enough to live and love exuberantly. It thus robs us of a radiant abundant life. Unhealed pain locks us into our sins. Jesus saves us by healing these unresolved wounds. Some think this happens completely through salvation. If this were true, He would not have given us gifts of healings – wounded healers to help heal our pain. He also would not have instructed us in how to receive healing. Unconfessed sin interferes with healing (see James 5). We use a powerful approach to this at our retreat during our closing exercise.

 As God heals our pain, we experience more of His delicious, loving Presence. As the Spirit fills our inner lamp with oil our lives glow, drawing people to the love, healing and forgiveness they so dearly need. Healing isn’t an elective in God’s eternal curriculum, it’s essential if we are to enjoy the abundant life and fulfill our personal mission.

 Too often, both in churches and therapy, we only get information and reformation when we yearn for transformation. Our lives only change as we allow Him to restore our entire soul, not just change our mind and our will. True transformation requires that we heal our damaged emotions. Merely using our mind and our will power cannot solve emotional problems. Emotional healing is the only way to fully resolve our emotional issues. Without that, we will endlessly treat symptoms and never get to the root cause. This is why traditional therapy takes years and years and most people in churches parade to the altar again and again for the same problems.

 God is near to the broken hearted. As He heals our brokenness, we shine brighter and glorify Him. But He doesn’t do it for what He gets from it. God heals us simply because He loves us.



Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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