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What’s A Transformational Healing Seminar Like?

Want healing? Several years ago, when still in Ohio, colleagues saw the remarkable results people got from the healing work we did in small groups at our church. They asked if I would train their people to do that, so I developed a seminar to train counselors and lay people to heal emotional pain.  We now call it Transformational Healing.

 I would speak to their congregation on Sunday morning explaining the biblical basis for emotional healing. I would then use my own spiritual gifts and intuitions to demonstrate the ways in which the Spirit would help us get to the root of people’s problems instead of endlessly treating symptoms. I asked the Spirit to identify things about individuals in the group so I could share specific spiritual direction to help them with their struggles.

 This always scared me.  What if I didn’t ‘hear’ anything? What if I heard wrong? What if people felt me to be a flake? I can honestly say that the Spirit never failed me. I would spot people in the group I had never met and instantly know their struggles. I inevitably received a simple sentence or two that would truly help them.

 Those who observed this never ceased to be amazed. They knew these people. They often realized what I said was ‘right on’. They also knew their friends were not put up to this. Enrollment for the seminar that began that night often doubled after this service.

 Each evening I would teach what I do and why and how I do it. Since we forget ninety percent of what happened to us, talk therapy and advice giving can at best treat ten percent of our problem. Our most painful memories are often buried the deepest, but God knows everything about us. Hence the Spirit can reveal and heal our core pains, freeing us from our bondages to food, alcohol, drugs, co-dependency, bad relationships, work addiction or anything else that robs us of an abundant life.  Healing and revelation come through spiritually intuitive gifts that quickly uncover and resolve the primal pains that fuel our compulsions.

 On the first night, I demonstrate this with a volunteer from the audience and a team of people willing to ask the Spirit to show them how to help that person.  This is scary also. I must totally depend on God. What if the person can’t access any feelings? What if the helpers get no insights? What if no one gets healed of anything and I look like a fraud? But again, I must say, the Spirit never lets me down. Usually within ten minutes the volunteer is crying his or her eyes out over painful incidents they had long forgotten, and always, team members ‘hear’ from the Spirit in ways they never had. Better yet, they see and feel God use them to touch and powerfully heal one of their own. This exhilarating ministry is downright addictive.

 Each of the next four nights, I briefly taught biblical principles of spiritual healing, then the people worked in small groups to practice healing until everyone received healing ministry once and shared it three times. At the end of each evening, people shared what they learned and experienced. Their testimonies were always marvelous.

 We saw people healed of everything from TMJ to cancerous growths. They told us how they God rescued them from the brink of suicide and terrifying night fears that plagued them their entire life. For the first time in their life people discover why they would overeat, or obsess over sex or alcohol. We see people so transformed they look five to ten years younger in an hour. Love, compassion and reconciliation fill the auditorium, accompanied by weeping, laughing and lots of enthusiastic hugs.

 We saw phenomenal long-term results. Most churches doubled within a year as compassion, grace and a profound sense of God’s love and affection for them flooded people’s hearts. Neighbors, friends and relatives saw these changes and spontaneously wanted in on it. These people finally had really good news to share with their loved ones and a way to truly help them.

The most dramatic results came from a church in Arkansas. The pastor told me it was greater than any revival he had seen in 25 years of ministry. Not only had his church grown from 350 to over 700 in six months, but also their entire city changed. He said people from over 30 neighboring churches came each Sunday night to experience healing for themselves. Old sins were acknowledged, confessed and forsaken, old hurts healed, damaged relationships restored. Even victims and perpetrators were seen hugging and joyfully forgiving each other throughout the town.

 Centuries ago, God promised to heal the pain of His people (Cf. Jeremiah 30). Jesus Himself said He was anointed to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free (Luke 4:18-20). In the latter days, we will understand it (Jeremiah 30:24). I believe these are those days and this is one of the ways that the Spirit is doing exactly what He promised. It’s a privilege to be a small part of it.

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Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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