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How Healing Works
Whenever people find out I do healing work they ask me how it works. When I explain, it usually makes sense to them and they ‘get it’, often wanting to try it for themselves. My explanation goes like this: Since we have forgotten 90 percent of what we experienced in life, cognitive therapy can only help us with 10 percent of our problems at best. Time doesn’t heal our wounds, it just drives them deeper into our unconscious where they lie hidden, unseen saboteurs who undermine our success, well-being and happiness. Instead of using just our conscious memories to locate and resolve these core issues, I use emotions. 
 Every memory we have ever had is stored within us as well as the feelings attached to it. If we can help a person tap into the
feelings  associated  with  a  current problem, they can usually ride these feelings back to a connection to a far deeper problem that reveals the core pains that need to be healed.

Here’s an example from my private practice. A church referred their pastor to me when they discovered that years earlier he had molested his own teenage son.   Though he had repented and not done it again since, the church was not comfortable with allowing him to continue as their pastor unless they were assured there would never be a reoccurrence of the problem. They were committed to his total restoration.

In our meetings together, I had him lie on a mat in my office, breathing deeply so he could access any feelings that surfaced as we talked. Being in a prone position makes it far easier to feel one’s emotions. He spent many hours during our sessions explaining how he became a pastor. His father started the church he pastored but had left it and their family many years ago when my client was just 16 years old. The pressures got to heavy for his father so he simply gave the keys of the church to his son and left town, never to be seen again. At 16, this guy became pastor of a church!

Obviously, he had not had a normal adolescence. Compounded by the fact that his father left at such a crucial stage in his development my client had a lot of pain stored up in his past.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the sins of the father are visited to the third and fourth generation of those who hate God. Many problems people encounter are passed on from generation to generation through their fathers.

One morning, as my client was recounting some intense memories, he suddenly felt agonizing pain. As he writhed on the mat in excruciating pain, all I could do was pray for him. I knew if I interrupted him so I could better understand what he was dealing with it would short circuit the powerful emotional connection he made. For over two hours he grappled with a full gamut suppressed emotions, alternately groaning, moaning, crying, and sometimes shouting out “No!” or “Stop that,” or “Daddy please.”

    I sat nearby praying silently as I felt led by the Spirit to pray. Mostly I asked the Lord to help him feel, see and experience everything necessary to get to the root of his painful past. At some points, I was impressed to pray for the feelings to intensify, at other points for him to have insight, wisdom and clear understanding. On occasion I coached him to keep breathing deeply so as not to suppress his feelings.

 Midway into the third hour he achieved a tremendous breakthrough. I touched him gently and prayed out loud for the Spirit to heal him. He began to sob, smile, weep and finally laugh out loud for joy. I encouraged him to stay tuned in to the Spirit for as long as possible, basking in the Spirit’s loving Presence. After many minutes of this, he sat up and opened his eyes. His face was radiant and peaceful. He looked years younger.

“Want to know what happened?” he asked me. I told him of course, and he recounted a number of painful encounters with his harsh, rigid father culminating in this one: “Long before I was born,” he told me, “I saw my grandfather call my father a son of a bitch, out in the fields under a tree when my father was just ten years old.” He went on, “As soon as I saw that, I realized why my daddy was the way he was, and felt nothing but compassion for him. Somehow it made all that he did make sense to me and I could finally forgive him, as well as myself, for all the things we had done and not done.”

He asked me how he could have seen something that happened before he was born. Immediately a scripture came to mind. “Before we were in our mother’s womb God knew us,” I told him. “In a very real sense, you were in your ancestor’s loins long before you were born.” He nodded, thoughtfully, taking it all in. He got up off the mat that day a free man, unshackled from the years of pain, anger, lust, emptiness and regret that had plagued his entire life. 

He went back to his church a new man and soon invited me to bring a team of people from my church to lead a seminar there on ‘Liberating the Wounded’. Miracles happened that weekend. One man was rescued from the very brink of suicide, a woman healed of TMJ – a virtually incurable disease that causes people to grind their teeth almost flat during their sleep. Many people told powerful stories of deliverance that weekend as my team ministered to their church for two full days and nights.

Many people talk about healing but only God can truly heal our deepest and oldest hurts. When He heal our pain our lives truly change -- forever. That’s what our Quantum LEAP Healing Retreat is all about. It’s scheduled for November 12-14. If you register by November 1, you can receive a $50 discount. If you bring a friend you can receive another $50 off. To be eligible you must email us to let us know you’re coming and postmark your registration by November 1. Hope to see you there.

If you want to find out for yourself, it’s as simple as asking Him to forgive you for living your own life and going your own way. If you’re ready to let Him call the shots, simply say Father forgive me, Jesus come into my life, I give it to you. Thank you.

 If you’re not ready for that yet you can still do something. You can give as much as you can to as much of God as you understand. Ask God to show you He’s as good as I say. Then look for some real Christians, people who are filled with the love of God, committed to the Bible as His dependable Word, and willing to share with you and answer your questions. Spend some time with them and ask them all your questions, and make sure they show you the answers in the Bible. It’s the only dependable source of authentic truth that I know.

If you’ve given your life to Him you will need to find a biblical church where you can worship, and learn and grow and progress on your healing journey.

I pray that your healing will continue to spring forth speedily and that you will soon know the joy of real freedom in Christ if you don’t already. If you do know it, I pray you’ll find more of the healing He has for you. Nothing else has done more to improve every facet of my life. I sincerely hope and pray that for you as well.


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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