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Healing Doesn’t Cost it Pays

One of the biggest struggles I have in leading spiritual healing events is seeing how Satan robs people of the opportunity to attend. Almost everyone I meet tells me how badly they want to go but when the time comes, they decide they can’t afford it, or can’t take the time, or their child has a game to attend, or some other excuse eclipses it. When I see people whose marriages are in trouble, or who struggle with depression or anxiety, or painful relationship issues at work or in the family or money problems, or loneliness, I am amazed that they don’t jump at any chance to change all that. We get precious few opportunities to substantially change our life, perhaps only a handful in an entire lifetime. Why don’t they go for it?

As I’ve prayed about this, I believe it ultimately comes down to an extremely low self image. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not trying to drum up business or take a cheap shot at people who don’t attend. I’m trying desperately to understand how we can better help people discover that they are worth it! That their well-being, success, and happiness matters to God; that healing really doesn’t cost it pays, and it pays enormous dividends in every area of their life. At least it has for me.

I attended my first experiential retreat in 1979. It cost me about $600, which was a lot in those days. It also required me to fly to Chicago, with all the costs associated with a trip like that. I was a young struggling pastor with a new wife and two tiny kids. There were many reasons not to go. But a friend’s father told me about the event, and I felt I had to go. Being a new husband and father was really tough, in addition to having been in ministry for five years. I felt like an abject failure and I had to do something or lose them all. The pain of not changing was greater than cost and fears.

That’s what ultimately matters most. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you will finally face the surgery of the soul that can make everything better. I did, and it changed my entire life, saved my marriage and ministry, and gave my parishioners, wife and kids a better pastor husband and dad than they would have had otherwise. But mostly, it gave me a whole new way of understanding myself and others. More than that: it changed things deep inside, in the basement of my soul; changes that made every day of my life and my relationship with God and others far better than it could have been otherwise.

Ever since then, when I see a need for my own personal growth and healing, I know it pays off big time to find the money to attend a seminar, a retreat or even spend a few days or a week buying the time of someone who can help me heal and grow beyond where I am. Nothing pays bigger dividends in all areas of my life. Nothing.

I spoke with a young man this week who really needs to attend this retreat. He works with inner city youth and freely acknowledged that even ghetto people find a way to afford a new TV when they want one. I smiled when he said that. I had a tooth break over Christmas – one that was visible. Even though I couldn’t afford the $900 it cost to fix it, you better believe I found a way to do that. I looked like a vampire! And all that helped was my vanity, which brings me back to my point. Deep down, we don’t feel we’re worth it. We somehow don’t believe our soul and personal well-being is as important as a TV, a tooth or a newer car.

I know this: God believes you’re worth it. That’s why I offer partial scholarships (out of my pocket by the way), payment plans (even though some people stiff me on the payments) and anything else necessary to help you get the healing you need. It’s all really a labor of love.

Some people think I make big money on this, but they don’t have a clue how much it cost me to learn what I know, let alone the costs of air travel, meals, dog sitting, airport parking, rental cars, the risks we take in reserving a retreat center, yada yada yada. I like the story of the man who called a plumber to fix his boiler. The plumber took a screwdriver and washer and got things started again and gave the man a bill for $200. When the guy questioned the bill, the plumber said, the washer cost 25 cents, the rest of the fee was for knowing how to fix the boiler. 

Soul plumbing is much more delicate and far fewer people know how to fix it. God is the expert, my staff and I are just his servants. The staff volunteers and I make a modest income. But none of that matters. All that matters is this: do you love yourself enough to believe that you deserve to feel and do better than you ever have? God says yes. What say you? 

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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