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Why is STEP Therapy so Cheap and Effective?

STEP Therapy – Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain – is far more efficient and inexpensive than talk therapy. Counseling doesn’t have to fail, take years, or costs tens of thousands of dollars, but counseling must change to become more efficient and effective. Once I began counseling ‘outside the box’, applying the emotional insights of my healing retreats, my work went to a whole new level. We made dramatic progress in each session, resolving core issues in weeks or months instead of years, saving them thousands of dollars and much grief. Here’s how it works. 

Because my retreat work was so effective in changing lives, the world beat a path to my door. People wanted counseling with a healing dimension. But I soon became frustrated with the 50-minute counseling hour, where clients come for a weekly 50-minute session. Too often, it took 30-40 minutes to get to the real issues and we had to stop before anything got resolved.  

To better heal the emotional pain that fueled their issues, I asked my clients to allow for open-ended sessions – 90 minutes to two hours or more if necessary. I knew if I only saw them every two or three weeks we would make more progress with longer sessions than we would with a 50-minute hour each week. I also recommended books, tapes, journaling assignments and other techniques that they could use between sessions. This way, they could take charge of their own healing journey. I knew that the more they would do outside our sessions the less they would need me. 

It worked. I usually resolved huge issues for my clients in a few sessions that they hadn’t resolved in years of traditional therapy. One client came to me with an outstanding debt of over $10,000 to her therapist. She had been in treatment for years with no end in sight. We quickly dealt with her core issues. The total cost? About $700. After the third long session, she no longer needed me.  

When we combined individual consultations with healing retreats, people made even more dramatic progress. At retreats, people got access to me for two full days for just a few hundred dollars. In just a weekend, they learned how to heal their core pain.  

Now, some clients meet with me for a couple of sessions before or after a retreat. I use phone counseling as needed with out-of-towners. In even the most difficult cases, I can quickly resolve their problems and usually help them find deeper peace, harmony and well-being than they have ever known in their entire adult life.  

God loves to heal our pain. The Spirit draws near to the broken hearted, giving us all we need to be freed from our enslavement to destructive compulsions, habits and attitudes. It’s one of the small miracles I see almost daily in my consultations. God frees people to finally enjoy the abundant life Jesus promised us and to fulfill their divine destiny.


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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