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What Makes Transformational Healing so Effective?

Life affords us few opportunities to transform our lives. Even most counseling, retreats and seminars only help a little because they only impact us from the neck up. But adults don't just need information. We can’t think ourselves to a better life. For our lives to change we need transformation. At a Transformational Healing Retreat, we help you experience things that change the inner you. Many call it the most life-changing weekend of their life.

We use experiential exercises, the same simple yet powerful techniques I use in personal healing sessions. They help you find, feel and heal your primal pain. You can only heal what you can feel. Most of us have suppressed feelings for way too long so that’s the first thing we work on.

 Often our core issues aren’t what we think. If we had just our thoughts to help us find them, we'd miss the point every time. That's because we forget 90% of what we experience in life. That’s why, at best, cognitive therapy treats only ten percent of our problems. Time doesn’t heal any wounds, it just buries them deep into our unconscious. But the body never forgets. Those painful experiences never go away. Until we resolve them, we can’t change. This is why healing the brokenhearted is central to Jesus’ mission (Luke 4:16-18). It transforms us from the inside out so our lives can continuously improve. God loves us just the way we are but He loves us too much to leave us that way. He wants our lives to continuously get better, not worse.

Many things that plague us come from seemingly insignificant incidents. We are not just wounded by abuse. Neglect can hurt us just as much and be harder to recall. That mean teacher may not have damaged us but the thoughtless words of a trusted friend can cause a lifetime of struggle with self-esteem.

Jeremiah, the healing prophet, tells us that apart from God, our wounds are incurable (Jeremiah 30:12). Perhaps anticipating modern psychiatry, He said no medicines heal (Vs. 13). Drugs may help our symptoms but they don’t heal anything. However, God promises to heal all our wounds (Vs. 17). In the latter days, we finally understand this (Vs. 24).

After studying privately with Dr. Cecil Osborne, I perfected small group techniques using intuitive spiritual gifts to heal our hidden hurts. In three sessions we can achieve more than years of cognitive therapy or pastoral counseling. The efficiency of this approach serves the client's need for healing, not the therapist's need for a steady income stream.

My techniques are deceptively simple. Intuitive spiritual gifts, which lie dormant in most of us, are what make our retreats so powerful. When God promised to heal us He gave us everything we need for that. We just show you how to use what you already have to help one another.

 How does it work? Breath work helps us connect with the pain. Then, under the Spirit’s direction, we find the deepest part of what's broken -- your core pain -- and help you find God’s healing for it.

 In small groups people extend God’s love and healing to one another. For many, this is the first healthy group they've ever experienced. The groups help people open to God and others so wonderful things can happen. Many people derive as much benefit from helping heal another as they receive from their own healing. They take a Quantum LEAP: Learning and Experiencing Answers for their Pain. Miracles often occur to heal the root causes of their problems. Afterwards people bask in the Spirit’s tingling Presence as He restores the wounded parts of their very soul.

Still don't understand? In some ways, neither do I. Describing this is like depicting a rainbow to a blind man. You just have to experience it.



Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
 "Ken's new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, goes beyond self help to self healing. You can preview it at The Ultimate Breakthrough "
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