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Why is Healing So Controversial?

Nationally known authors and radio ministers speak against healing, claiming it’s not necessary or even possible today. Some pastors refer their people to medical psychiatrists for destructive drugs and antidepressants that can lead to suicide and over 100 serious medical complications rather than learn about how Jesus heals the broken. Whole seminaries and Bible colleges that say they believe in the Bible literally teach against healing, using convoluted Bible interpretations to contradict the clear and simple mandates of scriptures. Meanwhile healthcare consumes 14% of our GNP as a nation, over 100,000 people die from doctors’ mistakes just in hospitals every year, and millions of people take so many prescriptions even their doctors can’t keep up with all the toxic interactions. Why?

Perhaps it’s always been so. When Jesus announced that He was the One that Isaiah predicted would heal the broken and liberate the bruised, the members of his home synagogue wanted to kill him. When he cast out demons, the religious leaders claimed he was doing the devil’s work. When he healed on the Sabbath they plotted to murder him. With friends like these religious folk, who needs enemies?

The problem we face today is not much different from the problem Jesus faced in the first century. Decades ago, I was fired from my job at a children’s’ psychiatric hospital because a 13 year old patient on my ward got healthy enough to be released from the hospital after I shared with him scriptures about God’s love and forgiveness. A local mega church canceled a retreat they contracted me to do once they found out I believed in healing. I was just told that a prison where we led a healing seminar has forbidden us to do the follow up healing with their inmates all because of fundamentalist superstitions.

Why is healing such a lightening rod? What motivates respected Christian leaders to speak against it? When psychiatric hospitals are jammed with people that drugs can’t cure why is the very mention of demonic deliverance scorned and mocked?

In Christian circles, I believe many people are as threatened by their own impotence to heal just as the Pharisees were in Jesus’ day. The radio preacher attacks healing because he doesn’t see it happening. (Dare I speculate that he tried to pray for healing but couldn't get results?) My question to him is this: have you used biblical methods? James says if someone is sick the elders should lead them in a time of mutual confession, and then pray effectual fervent prayer for healing. Are you and your elders willing to be that humble, vulnerable and transparent? Are they capable of such effectual or even fervent prayer? Did you help them grow their faith so they can pray for healing without doubt that it will be done? Everything we ask for without doubt is done for us; either that, or God is a liar.

The world is sick, the church is bruised and wounded and our medical system is broken almost beyond repair. Our world seeks desperately for real, supernatural manifestations of tangible power and life in the Church. When they don’t find it they reject “organized religion.” No wonder so many people call themselves spiritual but not religious. 

When religion attacks those who try to do “the things Jesus did and greater”; when it condemns those who believe the Church should be do more than just talk a good story; when it rails against people who believe every word Jesus spoke is true and relevant for today, it deserve to become irrelevant. Life is too short and precious to waste it on the hypocrites who call themselves believers yet undermine people’s practical faith in a supernatural God. Jesus warned such people about hell. They still aren’t listening.



Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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