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What’s a Quantum LEAP Healing Retreat Like?

Life affords us precious few opportunities to dramatically improve our lives in a very short time. That's why I call this powerful event a Quantum LEAP Healing Retreat. LEAP is an acronym for Learn and Experience Answers for your Pain.

Most counseling, retreats and seminars are only marginally helpful because they impact us from the neck up. But adults don't just need information. We don’t even just need reformation. If our lives are to change we need transformation, and that's what we offer at all my retreats and seminars. Sure, we help you learn new ways of seeing the things you want to change in your life. We help you make new decisions that will improve your future. But most importantly, we also help you experience the things that change you, and when you get better, so does your life.

Before I designed this retreat, I was used to leading four and five day retreats. When people requested a two-day event where they could receive real healing, I resisted. I wasn't sure we could make enough progress in a weekend to help people get noticeably better and I hated the idea of "leaving people on the operating table." But many people who sought healing wanted something inexpensive, something they could do in a weekend.

I finally came up with a solution. If I gave people materials to read so we could get on the same page without having to spend a lot of time teaching we could use all our time on experiential exercises in every session. Fortunately it worked. At our first retreat, people said it was the most life-changing weekend of their life.

So how do we accomplish so much in such a short time? From the very first exercise on the opening night, you will be led through the kind of things I use in my healing sessions to enable people to feel and heal their pain. I also tell people to let go of expectations because usually what's wrong with them isn't what they think. If we were limited to using our thoughts about our problems to unearth the healing we need we'd miss the point almost every time.

Why? Many things that need healing have been forgotten. Hence the phrase, 'time heals all wounds'. Time actually heals nothing. Time merely buries painful events deeper into our unconscious - what the Bible calls the heart - so we can go on with life. But those painful experiences never go away. Unless they get resolved, our brain and our body indelibly store them.

Many of the things that plague us came from small incidents; things we didn't feel were significant. It's not always outright abuse that wounds us, sometimes it's neglect. It may not have been the mean teacher who hurt us the worst; it could have been the thoughtless words of a weary elementary school principal that established our lifelong problem with a defective self-image.

The prophet Jeremiah, the healing prophet, told God's people that the many hardships they had endured were because their wounds were incurable (Jeremiah 30:12). He must have anticipated modern psychiatry for He even said no healing medicines would work (Vs. 13). But all wasn't lost. God Himself promised to restore us to health. He said He would heal us of our wounds (Vs. 17). He then promised, in the latter days we would understand this (Vs. 24).

Years ago, when I studied the breakthrough techniques used by Dr. Cecil Osborne, I was led to Jeremiah 30 to confirm the validity of his work. After studying privately with Dr. Osborne, I then perfected small group techniques using spiritual gifts and intuitions to do healing work on our hidden hurts. It was so successful I was soon asked to train counselors and churches across the US in these methods.

Often we can accomplish in three sessions what would normally take three years or more to achieve using traditional therapy. Naturally, my clients appreciate the efficiency of this approach. It's designed to best serve the client's need for healing, not the therapist's need for a steady income stream.

Someone recently asked if I use guided imagery. It's a technique that taps into a person's imagination to elicit strong emotional responses. It's actually little more than sanctified story telling if it's done right. I rarely use it. The techniques I use are actually far simpler than that. It's the use of spiritual gifting that makes these events so powerful. God promised to heal our pain. He readily gives us what's necessary to accomplish that.

How does it work? Through breathing exercises, letting ourselves feel and express what's inside, and finding spiritual direction to use simple gentle actions, God is able to go to the deepest part of what's broken within us and heal it. We also use small groups with clear guidelines for what will help and what won't. For many people, these are the first healthy groups they've ever experienced, including their family of origin.

When people follow directions and do what they are asked to do, they can open themselves to God and others and wonderful things take place. They Learn and Experience Answers for their Pain. Miracles happen, and they can heal root causes of the problems in their lives.

Still don't understand? In some ways, neither do I. Describing this stuff is like trying to help a deaf man hear the Hallelujah Chorus. You have to experience it to truly understand.



Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
 "Ken's new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, goes beyond self help to self healing. You can preview it at The Ultimate Breakthrough "
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