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What About Physical Healing?

As you probably know, emotions are closely connected to our physical health. We've had numerous instances where people received powerful physical healings as a wonderful by product of emotional healing. This included having breast lumps disappear overnight, cancerous blood counts getting 50% percent better after one session, and many other symptoms that improved dramatically. The most remarkable experience I ever had was with a woman who attended a healing seminar in her church. After she took her pills that evening they had to rush her into the hospital. She had received so much healing in the afternoon session that she almost over dosed on her normal dose of medication. Since then I warn people to get their medicine dosage checked after they receive healing. They may need it adjusted or may not even need it at all.

Emotional healing offers many more benefits besides the physical. People who attend our retreats usually say it helps them more than anything they ever did in their lives. Most report life changing benefits many years after the event. These include greater peace of mind, a deeper love for others, freedom from codependency, more intimate relationships, improvement at work, a closer experience of the Spirit's presence, greater joy, and an enlarged capacity to handle personal problems. The list can go on and on. Emotional healing helps virtually every facet of our lives.

The reason for this is simple. Someone once said a man with a toothache can think of nothing else. The same is true with unhealed emotional pain. Sometimes its effects are so long-standing and subtle we've grown accustomed to them, like learning to walk with a limp. But if we're emotionally limping, we can't fully function or feel fully alive and whole. Once we receive healing, we may even discover we have gotten rid of problems we didn't even know we had. All of life gradually gets better. We feel more confident, happier, and a whole lot more competent to face life's many complications.

Is there a downside to healing? In some ways, yes. I received tremendous healing at a two week intensive event. I had gone there to understand my mid-life crisis. When I returned home, I was painfully aware of how many toxic people were sucking the life from me. I had adapted so well that I wasn't even conscious of the myriad ways in which I was giving my life for people who not only didn't appreciate it but also never would have manifested much fruit from it. I was "casting my pearls before swine," and when I refused to do so any more, many of them tried to trample me.

This was a painful time. Reentry always is. It required many adjustments, some of which cost me a great loss of income. When I determined to be the salt of the earth instead of the sugar of the earth, the church I was pastoring lost over half of our members in a few months. But I had resolved to live life more courageously. I faced squarely the issues of my life calling and my heart's desire. That led to a transition that brought me towards the greatest opportunities of my life, to possibilities of doing the kind of things that not only change lives but also can affect literally millions of people for God's Kingdom.

This is costly stuff. We must be willing to forsake all to follow the Spirit. I've done this a few times in my life and each time I was repaid many times over for the sacrifice. I believe I will be again.

Sure it's tempting to hunker down and play safe with life; to hide our talents under a bushel; to opt for a pension, guaranteed benefits, and what the world calls security. But I believe life is far better when you are healed, happy and functioning fully in your true calling. And I know it's a lot more exciting following the Spirit than the flesh; more exciting and far more rewarding.

Healing will change your life. But isn't that better than staying the way you are? I think so. And I believe eternity will prove me right.


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