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Are Prescription Drugs Diabolical?

When I speak on healing, nothing gets more resistance than my assertion that people need healing not medicine. Frankly, the medical establishment has brainwashed (brain-dirtied?) us to believe that pills will solve all our emotional problems. And too many Christians have totally bought into it. Guideposts magazine has been turned into a pharmaceutical pusher’s paradise, offering a veritable plethora of prescription drugs in every issue to its mostly Christian readership. Famous Christian counseling clinics often affirm this, so much so that according to CBN, in some churches, half the women are on anti-depressants. Focus on the Families HB London quotes data that estimates that 50% of pastors’ wives are too.

Look, medicine can be useful in stabilizing a person for treatment. Over 35 years ago, before I was a Christian, I needed meds to get me to a place where I could be rational again. But drugs don’t heal anything and they can do a lot of damage. They came very close to pushing me over the edge into suicide.

In the past year I’ve helped a few people get free from the influence of prescription drugs. What I’ve seen has astounded me. Psychotropic drugs are extremely powerful. Once we give ourselves over to them they have an almost demonic strength to control our lives. Sure they can relieve symptoms temporarily, but at what cost? They always have a downside. There are over 100 potential side effects of Prozac alone, many of which are life threatening. Prescription drugs often diminish sexual performance, straining if not ruining marriages. This is just the beginning of their many nightmares. My objection is simply this: psychologists and psychiatrists have too often used drugs as their sole means of treatment and never go beyond that to get to the root causes of emotional disorders. If people are anxious, fearful, depressed or in any other way dysfunctional there is a good reason. Until they deal with that they won’t ever become whole.

Jesus came to heal our brokenness and free us from our bondage to compulsions resulting from our wounds. When He heals us, we are well; when He frees us we are free indeed. Our health isn’t damaged, our relationships destroyed or our very lives threatened. My mission is to help as much of His Church as possible understand that and give them the necessary tools to tap into the Lord’s wonderful healing power. Unless God is a liar, no one needs to be on drugs for their entire life. He heals all our diseases (Psalm 103). Once you believe that terrific truth from his Word, you are well on your way to becoming more whole and He can easily take you the rest of the way.

NOTE: If you decide to get off of prescription drugs only do so with your doctor’s help and realize that the drugs must be replaced with competent healing ministry and Christian counsel if you are to succeed.  

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