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Can Christ Cure Psychosis?

My neighbor has a Ph. D. in psychology. Recently she told me I seemed reasonable in person but when she saw on my website that people have been healed of psychosis using my approach to therapy she just couldn’t swallow such an outlandish claim. Of course she couldn’t! You see neither psychology nor psychiatry have a cure for psychosis. Both must be content using just drugs and talk therapy. 


The reason why secular disciplines can’t cure mental illness is because they leave God’s Spirit out of the equation. As I mentioned in my new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, psychology means knowledge of the soul and psychiatry means treatment of the soul. Biblically, the soul came into being when God breathed into clay. That makes us a combination of dust and divinity. That also means the soul is metaphysical; it goes beyond the body and intellect to incorporate a full range of mystical realities like emotions, spirituality, our unconscious, the heart, and mind as distinct from the brain. That’s why neither medicine nor cognitive therapy can cure the complex human organism known as the soul. Since secular counseling and medicine ignore these intangible human realities the cure remains beyond their ken. How would you inflate a tire without air, or fly a blimp without helium? You can patch it but you can’t make it run or fly as it should.


Biblical psychology sees us as creatures made in God’s image, spiritual beings abiding temporarily in a physical dwelling we call the body. Since the essence of God is both Love and Spirit, we require His spiritual love to fill our inner emptiness. When we try to satisfy our deepest longings with things, sensual pleasures, or even self-righteous religion we come up empty and can damage our very soul in the process. This is precisely why the Bible warms against covetousness, false religion and self-destructive indulgences. God isn’t a celestial killjoy; he’s a loving Father who wants to protect us from our harmful impulses.


The breath of the Spirit of God not only fills our deepest void but it can also heal and cure any wound or dies-ease, body, soul and spirit. If that isn’t true, God’s Word lies. (See our sidebar of scriptures of the week.) Since we need spiritual solutions, any therapy that fails to utilize appropriate spiritual methods simply cannot treat the whole human personality. Without God’s help we can’t even locate the primal pain that needs to be healed, but with His assistance, we can find it, heal it and fully cure the patient.


To be sure, medicine and informed cognitive therapy have a role. The patient is ultimately responsible for his own healing. He must want to be healed and in touch with reality to be treatable. Drugs can help restore a person to rationality so he can receive proper healing and therapy. But once a patient is lucid, only true spiritual therapy can make them whole. And why wouldn’t that be the case? As spiritual beings, wholeness is impossible if we ignore spiritual reality. How do I know? I was schizophrenic until God healed me.


“A theology that does not spring from dealing with spiritual reality is little more than an entertaining intellectual enterprise. … But psychological theology, theology of experience, leads us into confrontation and encounter with the whole realm of spirit, neutral, demonic and angelic. Few people come away from this meeting 'unscathed. We are wounded and can be transformed; we come to know the dark night of the soul.


It is no wonder that intellectual theology is more popular in most Christian circles, particularly academic ones, than the approach of experience. Who wants to be wounded again and again – even if new wounding brings transformation and insight? Obviously, only a theology that understands the experience of human brokenness and hurt is able to help those who have been wounded and are seeking help.” – Morton Kelsey in Christo-psychology


“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities who heals all your diseases.” - Psalm 103: 2-3


“’For I will restore health to you, and heal you of your wounds,’ says the Lord.” Jeremiah 30: 17a

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