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Knowing God Better

Theology means knowledge of God. But we don’t just learn to know God through reading and going to church. We really come to know Him through interactions with others. While traveling to see family and friends last week in Ohio I had an interesting conversation I want to share with you. It may help you know God better.

It cane from a discussion with a close friend on a Bible study he’s uses that says it’s not necessary to believe in the virgin birth to embrace the essence of Jesus. I agreed with him. In fact, when I was an atheist, a sermon denying the virgin birth became a bridge for me to God. I reasoned that if I a very intelligent pastor didn’t believe in the virgin birth, perhaps Christianity wasn’t just for the dumb and uneducated who mindlessly accepted the supernatural. Two nights later I began reading the New Testament with a willingness to do whatever it said. When I approached it like that it came alive to me and I and gave my life to Christ.

However, eventually I had to recognize that the Bible is true Truth – that it’s God’s Word and it all makes sense, even the virgin birth. My friend wanted to know why I believed the virgin birth mattered. I thought for a minute, and then told him if Jesus were not born of God, we could not be born again.

Most heresies concerning Jesus begin by either over emphasizing Christ’s humanity or His divinity. In fact, Jesus is the God man, a perfect combination of dust and divinity – wholly God and wholly man. If He were not God, He could not have done what He did and if He were not human we could not be like Him.

This is the heresy of dispensationalism, a belief system that denies that the miraculous powers Jesus used are still available to us today. Jesus said if we believe in Him, we will do the works that He did and greater (John 14:12). If we believe, we can imitate Jesus because He wasn’t Superman, He was the God man. We can do what He did because once we give our lives to Him, the same power that dwelt in Him and raised Him from the dead lives in us. That same Holy Spirit will resurrect our mortal bodies and use us to manifest God’s love for hurting people supernaturally, healing not only broken bodies but also broken hearts. This enables us to undo the works of the devil and free people from bondage to sin, demonic power and ultimate destruction.

Jesus was the second Adam, the One who did what the first Adam couldn’t: He lived a sinless life. That’s why death couldn’t hold Him. Death is the penalty for sin and Jesus never sinned. Because He conquered sin, we can too. He did it through the Holy Spirit which fully lived within Him. And as we allow God to grow us increasingly into His image, He completes the good work He began in us when we gave Him our life. We become more like Him – more loving, more gracious, more compassionate, more righteous and more holy. And with all that, we experience more of the love, joy and peace of the Lord. This is the abundant life He came to give us. What could be better than that?

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