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Is This The End?

As I consider the hurricanes pummeling our nation I remember II Chronicles 7:14: “If My people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” When first recited at the dedication of the Solomon’s temple, the Lord said this applied whenever He brought plagues or catastrophes upon Israel.

Many Christian rallies used this passage in the 1980 election that swept Ronald Reagan into office but with one conspicuous absence. They excluded the phrase “turn from their wicked ways”. Ironically, it’s the most important condition! Surely, America has much for which to repent, but if we want our land healed, God’s people need to repent. Nothing less moves God to heal our land.

I could catalog the Churches’ sins: a divorce rate greater than the general population, choir boys molested by priests while bishops cover it up, pornography addiction plaguing fully 50% of Christian men and over a third of pastors, adultery and homosexuality rates that equal the secular population, little regard for the poor, only three percent of Christians tithing and almost no personal evangelism. (I know hardly any Christians who have ever discipled anyone, and that’s what we’re redeemed for.) The list could go on and on, but while these things are all true, they are also merely symptomatic. Our greatest sin is our failure to let Jesus rule as our King.

Years of easy believism have left us feeling we can have Him as Savior without letting Him be Lord; that we can walk after the flesh and forget about the Spirit; that right doctrine matters more than biblical obedience, as if there will be a spiritual SAT exam on the last day instead of a fruit inspection. The bottom line is this: God’s law isn’t summed up in club house rules like “do not drink or chew or go with girls who do”. True faith requires that we love God above all and our neighbor as ourselves. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

This relates to what I shared last week about the good news of God’s Kingdom. Until that gospel is preached to the world, the end won’t come. Until we receive it ourselves, our own personal hurricanes won’t stop.

So, what is the good news of God’s Kingdom? Simply this. Our life belongs to God and He can do more with it than we can. As the film THE PASSION OF CHRIST so vividly illustrates, “we were bought with a price, our life is not our own”. Those who “follow the Spirit” are God’s children, not those who pay Him a perfunctory visit each Sunday and do their own thing the rest of the time. God doesn’t even care if we are Spirit filled, He cares if we are Spirit led. It doesn’t matter who we are, it matters whose we are. Unless Jesus is Lord of all, He isn’t Lord at all. This is the only way to receive the awesome benefits of His Kingdom: we let the Lord be our Lord. Until we do that, we will never know the “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” that comprises the essence of Kingdom living. And for lack of that deep profound fulfillment, we will succumb to temptations in a vain attempt to fill our ‘emptiness’.

That was a typo, but I think an inspired one. When I don’t yield to His Spirit, my life becomes an empty mess. I am plagued with anxiety, vulnerable to temptation, living in the subtle stench of my own prodigious living. I only experience the best news of His Kingdom when I allow Him to be my King. I only sample His wonderful spiritual blessings when I stop trying to cook up my own banquet. I only know the abiding joy of doing His thing when I stop doing my own. For it is only in giving that we receive, only in loving that we are loved and only through dying that we can know resurrection joy.

God grants repentance to those who truly want it. The Church doesn’t need to repent of drinking wine with dinner, saying bad words, or not being nice enough. If anything, we’ve been too nice. We need to repent of being lord of our own lives. Once we do, that God can heal our land. He can heal our backslidings. He can even heal our broken heart. When we let Him do that, we can love again, and once again know the joy of His salvation.   

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