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How Retreats Change Us


The greatest changes in my life have come from retreats. When I need help, I have gone from one end of the country to the other, sometimes paying big bucks and sacrificing days and even weeks of my life just to gain the help they offer. Why? They are by far the quickest, most inexpensive, least painful way to change.  

Often, when things aren’t right in my life, I have not even known what to change. This was true when I went to my first personal growth retreat in 1979, and even truer in 1991 when I went to a two-week intensive healing retreat at a monastery in Nebraska. The first time, all I knew was I was burned out on ministry and marriage. The second time I was even more clueless. I didn’t even believe in midlife crises and I was in the middle of one, totally unconscious as to the cause or what my symptoms meant. I just knew I was angry, compulsive, and miserable. Both events allowed God to gently yet powerfully reach into my very soul to resolve the root causes.  

These retreats dramatically changed the direction of my life. The first one helped me become a better pastor and husband. In five days, I gained relationship skills I hadn’t gotten from seven years of college and grad school. The second one air lifted me out of my mid life crisis and helped me change my entire future for the better. These retreats also made me a better, happier, more peaceful and whole person. They freed me from inner bondages and sent me back home forever transformed in ways that no amount of counseling or self help could have done.  

Life can be an unconscious boring meandering through the world’s agenda of getting and doing or a richer journey of growth, personal improvement and healing. We can become happier human beings or emptier human doings. We decide. It’s up to us. I’m addicted to the latter path because I like feeling and constantly improving my life. I also hate learning the hard way.

 Other retreats help me in lesser ways than the two Ii mentioned. In fact, I have never attended a retreat without deriving far more benefits than it cost. It’s the greatest bargain I know of in life. Nothing has helped me more. I shudder to think what my life would be like had I not continued growing and healing the wounds that limit me.

 God is in the business of restoring our soul. For Christians, He promises that at our rebirth, replace our heart of stone with a heart of flesh. That rebirth isn’t an end, it’s a fabulous new beginning. If we are to mature we don’t just need intellectual information or continuous reformation, we need on-going transformation. This is why, though good doctrine is important and repentance is often necessary, we need far more than that.

 We don’t invite Jesus into our head, we welcome Him into our heart. He promises to complete the work He began in us. Sometimes He does this directly, through worship or our personal relationship with Him. But often He uses others to help us. Where two or more gather, He is there in our midst, in the presence of other Christians. This is the ultimate meaning of the Body of Christ. We become God’s eyes, hands, feet, and heart for others.

 Jesus was anointed to heal our broken heart, release us from bondage, and undo our yoke of slavery. He came to undo the devil’s works of robbing, killing and destroying us. He does that through gifted healers as well as teachers. Teaching and repentance alone can’t accomplish this.  

Retreats that impact our mind are terrific. Ones that help convert us or lead us to a deeper reformation are necessary too. But the ones that help me most are the ones that change me from the inside out; the ones that heal the broken places I cannot reach alone. Those are the ones that really matter. They make me more loving, more gracious and kinder. They make me more Christ like and peaceful. In doing so, they give me more of the abundant life He intends for me and make me more effective in my relationships, my work and my personal life. They are worth far more than what they cost in whatever they cost in time and money, for they give me more of eternity and deep, precious changes that money can’t buy. 


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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