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Your Arms are Too Short to Box with God

Have you ever felt angry with God because He didn’t do things they way you hoped and prayed? I’ve felt that way, but I don’t think I ever will again. Anger with Him doesn’t help. As a famous Bible teacher once said, “When you meet God, you meet the first Person you can never manipulate.”

God is never my problem, I am. When I discovered that, my life improved dramatically. I stopped repeating the same vain prayers that were never answered my way and began working on my own beliefs. I “re-threaded” my head, and that made a huge difference.

A man I know was furious with God because years ago he got duped by a Christian business man and lost a lot of money. A woman was angry with Him because her acting career hadn’t unfolded as she hoped. I was ticked off in 2006 because I begged and pleaded for certain things to happen and they didn’t. What’s your reason? Take a moment and write it down. It helps to bring into consciousness the things we struggle with.

My way out of my anger started as soon as I discovered that focusing on negative outcomes while I prayed for positive results only served to draw bad things to me. This is what T. Harv Eker calls a 'crap magnet'. (Sorry for that graphic visual but it will help you remember it.) Once I started controlling my tongue and my inner self-talk, good things began finding me. Four of five things I prayed for in 2007 happened and I’m still asking God to show me the reasons why the fifth hasn’t happened.

Which brings me to my next point. God wants a dialogue with us, not a monologue. Once you stop acting as if “The Lord is my butler I shall not want,” He can begin acting like the generous loving Father He really is. When you’re ready to ask the question, you’re ready to receive the answer. Find out why He said ‘no’ or ‘not yet’, then you can pray much more intelligently and shed the misplaced rage. Remember, Satan means ‘slanderer’. Question any thoughts that stir up antagonism toward the Lord. They never come from a good source.

How can you turn things around?

First, realize that God only promises to answer believing prayer. If you find yourself praying for something you don’t believe, ask for forgiveness, then pray for less and less, until you find yourself praying for something you DO believe. Then make your new request, thank Him for it, and begin praying for something greater. This is how to develop “mountain moving prayer.” You can move any mountain in your life, but if you keep trying to blast it away with one prayer, it probably won’t happen. If you only have a teaspoon full of faith, quit trying to operate a steam shovel in your prayer life, but DO start using your teaspoon on that mountain. Soon it will become a tablespoon, and eventually a shovel.

Secondly, there may be good reasons why your prayer isn’t being answered as you desire. As we talked, my friend whose acting career wasn’t taking off, realized that she had lots of auditions but few ‘call backs’. Instead of expecting an immediate YES from God, she discovered she could work on her auditioning skills. As I talked with the guy who was duped by a Christian brother, I learned that he didn’t do any due diligence before he invested. I doubt he will make that mistake again. Some lessons are expensive. As a friend of mine says, “Whenever you see the fish symbol, look out for the hook.” Don’t waste time getting upset with God -- find out what’s standing in your way, learn the lessons and do better in the future. That way you will give God something to work with.

Third, realize there’s a lot more to prayer than just asking for things in Jesus’ name. Many scriptures point to the need to believe without doubt, so study how to build your faith.

Jesus wondered if he would find faith when He returned to earth. He wasn’t talking about correct doctrinal beliefs. You can believe all the right doctrine and never have your prayer answered or do anything meaningful with your life. Jesus seeks the kind of faith that makes things happen; the kind of faith that makes HIS things happen. You can cultivate that kind of faith, and in the process you get to know He who is the very essence of Love much better. That alone is worth everything.

Finally, learn to replace doubting, negative, critical, and unbelieving thoughts with God thoughts: whatever things are good, just, pure, true, righteous, loving, kind, positive, faith-filled and compassionate -- think on those things. The God of Shalom will not only be with you, but He will also hasten to help you.

Discover how to have your heart’s desire in a way that ultimately pleases Him. Once you learn that, you will truly be blessed, and those mountainous barriers won’t stand a chance.

Discover how to have your heart’s desire in a way that ultimately pleases Him. Once you learn that, you will truly be blessed, and those mountainous barriers won’t stand a chance.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of,where you can learn ore about him and his transformative ministry.  click here ,
"Ken's new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, goes beyond self help to self healing. You can preview it at The Ultimate Breakthrough "


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