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What’s Wrong with Religion, Part 2 – Liberal Christianity

I was raised in an upscale, liberal, suburban Protestant church. At the height of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King spoke there. The pastor told our youth group that Communism was great, just misunderstood. Years later, after becoming a United Methodist pastor, I actively exposed the abuse of our denominations so-called benevolent fund. Church offerings were used to support Communist front groups in Africa and radically pro-abortion NARAL, yet they refused to hire any evangelical seminary professors. (So much for pluralism and tolerance.) As I did with conservative Christianity, I want to highlight six areas that concern me with liberal beliefs.

1.     Idolatry of tolerance: The word tolerance isn’t in the Bible once but it’s the buzz word for all who want to social values and it’s become the mantra of those who embrace liberal values. It seems many liberals are so broadminded they can’t fit through the narrow gate.

2.     The pathetic prophetic: Liberals feel they must tell the government what to do about global warming, radical feminism, the Iraq war, homosexuality and unrestricted abortion, but our secular government has no obligation to submit to Christian preaching. America is not a theocracy, but if conservatives try to influence policies, liberals accuse them of trying to make it into one. Besides the obvious hypocrisy here, prophecy is for God’s people, not the secular world.

3.     Rejection of God’s Spirit: Liberals don’t evangelize because they have no good news to share. They secretly mock the whole idea of being born again or Spirit filled, so the Holy Spirit cannot enliven liberal Christians. For most of them, the third Person of the trinity is an embarrassing anachronism in creeds and old hymns. No wonder liberal churches are so dead. He who is the Life is unwelcome there.

4.     Rejection of the Bible: Scriptures are subjected to so-called ‘higher criticism’ and supplanted as prime authority for life and values by reason and experience. Instead of leading the world’s agenda, liberals follow it, like the blind leading the blind, right off the cliff of moral relativism. Their uncritical support for ungodly causes stems from this. Instead of judging the Bible, we should let it examine us.

5.     The stench of self-righteousness: The prophet Isaiah said all our own righteousness is as filthy rags. The literal meaning is menstrous rags, something grossly unclean in ancient society. Instead of submitting to Christ so He can do righteous deeds through us the liberal seeks establish his own righteousness, railing against any who dare disagree.

6.     Semantic gymnastics: Liberals claim that those who advocate the acceptance of homosexuality are evolved; this, regardless of the fact that homosexuality always increases just before the collapse of every great civilization. Those who argue for partial birth abortions (Did you get that? Partial birth abortions!), claim to champion women’s health, though abortion is terribly unhealthy both emotionally and physically for women. Marxist and fascist terrorists are labeled freedom fighters, theological bigots considered tolerant, and we’re told that war never solved anything, unless of course you consider the removal of butchers like Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot.

The Bible may have had liberal Christians in mind when it warned of people who call evil good and good evil. We’re told that in the last days, the world will be full of false prophets. I know of no other way to protect yourself against them than to study and obey the Bible. It alone can protect us from gross deception that so often champions death rather than life.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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