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You Can Change Your Life

 I used to wake up each morning in a panic, fearing I would run out of money, always be miserable and never achieve a fraction of my potential. I’d take my daily walk and silently beg God to do something, inwardly harboring a secret bitterness because my prayers never seemed to be answered. What I failed to realize is that God was waiting for me to take positive action. He had already shown me in His Word how to get answered prayers but I wasn’t listening. Perhaps you know someone who can relate?

 I read long books by Christians on prayer, books that ironically never really touched on what the Bible says about it; books that left me feeling more defeated, frustrated and angry.

 I was teaching a class one day and spontaneously shared a teaching I heard many years ago on the secret to success for Christians. A friend who heard me, asked if I did what I was teaching. I said no, but I was going to starting the next day. Everything began to change from that moment on.

 First I realized I had very little faith that God would answer my prayer. Second, I began studying what I had to do to change that. Third, I began meditating on scriptures that would renew my mind and help me put on the mind of Christ.

 Almost immediately things improved. First my attitude got better. I became conscious of how many negative thoughts I entertained. As I replaced those negative thoughts with affirmations of truth based on scriptures, my peace returned. I even began to like God again.

Next, I began to program my own thought life with personalized scriptures based on what I wanted to change. Then I developed goals related to my mission statement. Finally, I decided to thank God for everything and seek the silver lining in every apparent cloud. 

 My joy increased. My love returned. I began to care about others as much as I cared about my own little problems. And my prayers began to be answered in ways that undeniably pointed to a major paradigm shift in my soul.

 Even if none of the things I yearn for happen, I will be happy, but I know that they will happen. I know because I am now meeting the conditions for praying believing prayer. It’s what I believe the Bible means when it says the just shall live (not just be saved) by faith.  

Watchman Nee said that when Hebrews 11 tells us that faith is the evidence of things hoped for, and the substance of things not seem it really means faith is that way to make evident (manifest) the things we desire and substantiate the unseen realities we crave. He’s right. When that begins to happen for you, you will never want to go back to faithless living again. I know I don’t.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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