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How to Make Your 09 (or any year) Truly Fine

Lots of challenges face us all, especially with the economy tanking. But whether or not 08 was great, you can make 09 truly fine. I will help you if you let me.

First, get your priorities right. Seek first His kingdom and righteousness and everything else you need will be provided. Everything!

Second, decide what you want your life to be like and figure out how to make it that way. Since I developed my personal vision statement three years ago things have been falling into place like never before. The last two years have produced more solid results in the direction of my dream than the ten previous years combined.

Third, work on your own spiritual growth. For two years I’ve been consciously meditating on scriptures that concern changes I want to make in my life. I feel the difference every day and the results at years’ end amaze me. Four of my five goals for ’07 were fulfilled by year’s end, and six of nine for ’08, with the jury still out on two. This happened without frantic strenuous effort, often with the results simply materializing even after I saw no chance of them happening. One came through for me on December 29.

Fourth, rethread your head. We become magnets for what we believe and expect to receive, both good and bad. You will inevitably draw to yourself whatever you accept as true. The good news is that if you don’t like what your life has been like, all you have to do is discipline your thought life. Rip out the weeds of anxiety, depression and negativity and plant beautiful flowers and delicious fruits of hope, goodness and positivity in the garden of your mind and see if your ‘09 doesn’t become mighty fine. I only wish I had known and acted on this stuff many years ago.

My spiritual mentoring program will help you with all these things -- vision casting, spiritual growth, transforming your mind and even personal healing but I only want to work with you if you are serious about changing their life. Do you truly want to make your future all it can be? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. If you don’t want change you won’t get it. You know the drill. If you only do what you’ve only done you will only get what you’ve already gotten. To succeed and have a life you love you must invest in your self, do some homework, and learn to trust God and believe His Word. Only then can you dramatically turn things around in your life. But it should be a lot of fun and probably the best investment of your time, resources and energy you will make this year or maybe this decade.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
 "Ken's new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, goes beyond self help to self healing. You can preview it at  The Ultimate Breakthrough "

 “It's never too late to be come what you might have been.” – George Eliot

“If you want things to be different perhaps the answer is to become different yourself.” Norman Vincent Peale

“What you are is God’s gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to God.”   - Unknown 

People have been attacking Rich Warren lately. Here's my response to a friend who sent me a diatribe written by a pastor against him.

Just as you used to be New Age, I used to be a fightin' fundie, so I do understand your concerns. However, I personally believe the witness of Christ is more damaged by those who take angry pot shots at believers over doctrinal issues than by those who are in error in minor ways. Man's wrath cannot advance God's righteousness, this was my problem with the Prolife movement and why I finally walked away from it. It's also why I believe they have been so ineffective in changing our laws. When you're so busy fighting your friends and allies, you can't see through the fog of war sufficiently to hit the enemy. Our Adversary delights in stirring up internecine battles between believers. The world will know we're Christians by our love and unity, not by perfect doctrinal agreement. When we unite, no one can thwart God's purposes through us, but divided, we can be picked off by our real Enemy. We should probably just talk about it sometime rather than swap emails. I appreciate your zeal!  

The rantings of fightin' fundies no longer persuade me of anything, my dear sweet friend. I can feel the veins bulging in his head. Every argument he gave was based on guilt by association. Jesus was accused of being a  heretic for the same reason.

 I'm sorry, I lived in that kind of vitriolic judgmentalism for too long. I guarantee that Rick Warren has personally seen more people come to Christ through his ministry in the last 5 years than Bill Keller has in his entire ministry. Using hell to scare people into heaven is not a method Jesus ever used. There's no love there, no unity, no respect for other's ministries here. That kind of teaching and preaching spreads chaos, disharmony and dissension.  

I invite you to read the passages in the BIBLE that warn people against the things that will keep them from God's kingdom: "slander, biting and devouring, variance,  evil speaking, gossip, back biting, hatred, contentions, outbursts of wrath, and selfish ambitions" are amongst them (Galatians 5). I see all of that in Keller's letter.  

We can talk if you want to but I doubt that even the Bible won't keep you from listening to guys like him and as long as you do, you will fall into their snare. When you get burned out by there rage, let me know. I simply see nothing godly about such attitudes. This is exactly how many evangelists get shortly before they self-destruct. In my 36 years of ministry, I've seen it over and over again in personal colleagues and on the national stage. 

Another ministry recently attacked Joel Osteen because he refused to condemn unsaved Jews and other to hell on Larry King. I wrote this to him: 

 I feel very strongly that we too often use condemnation instead of acceptance to try and win people to Christ, as if that would ever work. Jesus didn't club people with the threat of hell to make converts, why should we? The only people He warned about hell were religious hypocrites. I just finished my new book entitled KEYS TO THE KINGDOM with a whole chapter devoted to the appropriate usage of hell. The only good news Jesus shared was the good news of God's kingdom. Promises of heave and threats of hell are not the way to make disciples, and Jesus didn't care about decisions for Christ, He challenged us to make disciples.   

Hi Ken,

I enjoyed your book, The Ultimate Breakthrough.  I just finished it.  I think you've really hit something here.  We are body, soul and spirit and the church as a whole seems to have a clear perspective on wholeness when it comes to the body (physically taking care of the temple) or spirit (allowing Christ to be present in our lives).  Then, with the soul we seem to do well with the mind (teaching knowledge that renews the way we think) and the will (developing spiritual disciplines that will enhance us).  But, unfortunately, emotions are neglected so many times. 

I think all people who are honest with themselves have to recognize that they need emotional healing to some extent.  After all, how can anyone get through this life without being damaged.

I think some will be able to go through this procedure on their own using your suggestions.  But, I think most will not be able to do so and will need someone to be there with them to help guide them through this process.  I believe that most people will be intimidated by a setting with a group of people including a group of elders who they trust.  But, for a few that would not be a problem, but unless those others in the group are trained and fully understand the process, they may see to as weird and uncomfortable for them. 

This book has helped me to spend more time reflecting on my life, and also, exploring how I feel I can help others to be restored better emotionally.  I'll probably do a sermon on wholeness and address this from every level of body, soul and spirit. 

Thanks for doing such a good thorough job on the subject.  I am sure it will help many to heal their way to peace and prosperity.

Pastor Jimmy

 A friend recently wrote to share how she felt bad because she was still selfish after many years of being a Christian. However, she saw herself in an entry she had made in a beautiful book she has written, an entry that likened us all to broken pots whom God still loves and can repair. Here’s my response: 

 That page is beautiful. It IS you, and it is me, and it is everyone who loves Him. He cherishes us broken vessels and He alone knows how to make us whole. It takes a lifetime though, and if I have anything to say to you it is this: He doesn't want any of us groveling in our awareness of your sin, selfishness and inadequacy. He wants us walking freely in His forgiveness, grace and compassion. Thankfully, He looks on our heart, not our actions. It takes time for us to be made whole, and we must become whole in order to be more wholesome. He knows that, but we need to know that that's okay. He has all eternity, we’re the ones in a hurry.

 Let me tell you a story. David, my kind, gentle roommate in seminary was a friend from college who had been a wrestler. He worked out daily, and at the ripe old age of 26 I realized I needed to start doing that too. At his urging, I ran a short distance each day for a week and thought I was gonna die. At the end of the week, I weighed myself. I hadn't lost an ounce. I was so discouraged I was ready to quit. When I told David this he laughed at me. I'll never forget what he said next. "Ken," he told me, "it took 26 years to get out of shape, it will take a bit more than a week to get back into shape. God will get you in shape, but when He does a work, He does it perfectly, and that takes a little bit longer." I'm still not in the shape I want to be in, but I shudder to think what shape I'd be in if I hadn't started working out almost 34 years ago.

 God knows how to get us spiritually fit. Nothing we do or don't do surprises Him, it just surprises us. Satan is our accuser, not Jesus. The Lord has already given us as much grace as we will ever need, we just have to accept it as freely as it's given.

 You are forgiven, and you will be whole someday and so will I. In the meantime, it helps to remember this: "You are not what you should be, you are not what you're gonna be, but thank God you aren't what you used to be."


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