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True Liberation Theology

With all the focus on Jeremiah Wright, Barak Obama’s former pastor, it’s time we examine his outlandish, hate-filled pronouncements in the name of liberation theology. We would do well to consider why his false version of liberation theology failed so drastically. Better yet, let’s examine true liberation theology. Any thinking biblical Christian should be able to separate the theological wheat from the chaff

Liberation theology branded itself as Christian socialism. Stressing Jesus’ statement that he came not to bring peace but a sword, it burgeoned under Jesuit influences in Central America. The mainstream religious left used it to justify communist insurgencies there and Africa until it was soundly condemned by Pope John Paul II. It even sparked murderous Marxist rampages against Christians that mainstream Protestant denominations not only tolerated but even sometimes supported by their ‘benevolence’ offerings. I exposed that abuse of offering monies by the United Methodists before resigning from the denomination in 1982.

In the US, liberation theology nurtured radical feminism, abortion rights and radical black activism against injustice and bigotry, contrary to the effective, loving, peaceful protests led by people like Martin Luther King, Jr. It also nurtured a subtle and until now largely hidden undercurrent of bigotry against whites and men in general. It ultimately spawned violent acts against our government institutions as well as the death of untold millions of fetuses, the sexual revolution, the radical feminist movement, and countless millions of divorces, destabilizing the American family like nothing else in our history. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this world views now threatens the very survival of western civilization and culture. Great democracies crumble from within before they are ever conquered by their external enemies.

 At its core, liberation theology perverted the Bible’s teachings on liberation. Misinterpreting Isaiah 61 and Jesus’ restatement of it in His inaugural address in Luke 4, Reverend Wright hammers home the theme of America’s alleged evil bent and calls on blacks today to be co-belligerents in the struggle for racial liberation and radical political change. He uses that erroneous outdated secular theology as an underpinning to try to elevate the status of minorities by encouraging them to demand justice and equality and so end discrimination. Ironically, its effect is the opposite. Sadly, it may well spawn the biggest backlash against blacks in our modern history. I wouldn’t be surprised if it even fuels a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.

 Fortunately, Wright doesn’t speak for most black Christians in America. He doesn’t even speak for most black Christians in the religious left any more. Serious scholars of the Bible recognize that this ‘theology’ twists and distorts the true meaning of liberation. True liberation comes from within, in the heart and soul of people, which is truly where the evil reigns that can bind us up and destroy us.

 As I’ve said again and again in this newsletter, true liberation comes when Christ, our anointed Messiah, heals our brokenness in order to free us from our bondage to self destructive sins. Transformational Healing is my phrase for the process God’s Spirit uses when it does that through trained spiritually gifted Christians. It helps free people from the deepest unhealed wounds that afflict their soul and plunge them blindly down the path of personal devastation, keeping them from being able to be true loving Disciples of Christ.

We have done this work for over 28 years, training people to offer others the kind of liberation we all need. It’s something no politician, government agency or angry mob can give us, only the risen Christ can do that.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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