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Trust, Don’t Rust


Trust is essential in any relationship, especially our relationship with God. That’s why Satan works over time to erode our trust. If he can convince us that God doesn’t care, we will withdraw from Him and others and it will be impossible to be His disciples. 
 I saw this when we began doing healing ministry many years ago. As we prayed for people desiring healing, their old painful wounds would open up and the puss that came out was a terrible attitude towards the Lord. Extreme examples included victims or rape or incest who had cried out to God for help while the abuse continued unabated, sometimes for years. But other people with lesser hurts often held similar feelings of disappointment and disillusionment. Some prayed for a mate that never materialized while others got one and wished they hadn’t. Others blamed God for the death of a loved one or other personal tragedies. But the common factor in all such incidents was a belief that the Lord had let them down and could no longer be trusted.  
Satan loves to sow such thoughts of discord and disharmony. His very name means slandered. He’s the accuser of others to us, of ourselves to ourselves when he tells us how awful we are to destroy our self esteem, and of God to us when life lets us down, as it inevitably will. Someone said people and life hurt us and Satan rushes in to blame God. If we believe his lies, that God doesn’t care or that He engineered the things that hurt us, then we will pull away from the Only dependable Source of unconditional love and our lives will become more hollow, empty and ineffectual.  

Consider this for a moment: think of the worst losses you’ve experienced in your life. Write them down. Ask yourself who do you blame? Did this pain bring you closer to God or further away? Are you better or worse because of it?  

If we love God, and embrace His purpose for our life, we are promised that He will make everything work out for our good. In fact, we are challenged to thank God in everything! These are not empty words. I often tell people when dung happens to a Christ follower, God uses it for fertilizer and we get flowers and fruit. I’m sure you’ve heard the adage when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I take that a step further: make spiritual lemon drop martinis! Draw near to God and become intoxicated with His love. You’ll feel better and there’s never a hangover!  

How do you do that? Learn to thank Him in everything. Resist all temptations to blame Him. We all do many things He doesn’t sanction but He doesn’t stop loving us. This is why I love the second verse of the old hymn, Jesus loves you: “Jesus loves us when we’re good, when we do the things we should. Jesus loves us when we’re bad, thought it makes Him very sad.” Similarly, many things happen to us that He didn’t ordain, but life must be that way. We’ve all been given the wonderful and awful gift of freedom. But whatever happens to us, He can help us become better instead of bitter. If you let Him do that, your life will grow brighter and brighter as you grow older. Tragedy will tenderize you not make you tougher to live with. You will reap benefits in this life and in the age to come. Who wouldn’t want that?  

In chapter 13 of my new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, I discuss the hidden hatred towards God that can leave you more broken and wounded. Whenever you see yourself playing the blame game with God, realize this is exactly the way Satan wants you to respond and he hates you. When you root that out, everything in your life will grow brighter, and the bitterness of life’s lemons will be sweetened with the sugar of divine love. And you will be sweeter too.  

“For You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because He trusts in You.” – Isaiah 26:3

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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