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Only God Finest
What’s God Doing?

Since Father’s Day, I’ve spent time with my five grandkids and three of my four children. As a father and grandfather, it causes me to reflect on how God views us and what he’s doing with out lives. Here’s what I observed about what God does with our lives.

All good parents want to protect our children from serious mistakes that can harm them. I was stunned to watch my two year old grandson jump on his bike and plow done the sidewalk adjacent to a busy street for a good quarter of a mile. He was totally tuned out to his dad’s and my calls for him. Finally my son jumped on a bike and went hightailing after him.

Our heavenly similarly wants to protect us, but unlike us, He knows we will screw up. Like our first forefather Adam, we will feel we know better than God; that we can eat of forbidden fruit and suffer no adverse consequences.

Churches often adopt a paternalistic function by trying to protect us from evil through teaching against the dangers of sin. Most do this with guilt. Sadly, few realize that in doing so, they usually aggravate our unhealthy inclinations. Nothing makes us want something more than someone telling us we can’t have it! This is why preachers are cautioned to make sure that their words are seasoned with grace. Grace releases us from sin’s dominion while legalistic teaching only exacerbates it. It’s also why perfectionism in all its guises is so destructive. It only serves to increase the angle of our life’s downward spiral as we try in vain to obey the “law of sin and death.” 

God actually has a higher purpose than keeping us spotless. He is Love. Heaven is filled with love. Unloved can’t exist there. So His higher purpose is to teach us to love, and He knows that nothing makes us more unloving then an inflated sense of our own perfection. Witness the role that the Pharisees had in slaughtering Jesus, or the fact that the only people Jesus warned to feel from hell weren’t prostitutes and wine bibbers but hypocritical religious zealots.

Since the purpose of life is to teach us to love, God is less concerned that we don’t mess up than that we learn the lessons we must learn when we do. Nothing humbles us more than a rude encounter with how much grace we need. I’ve heard preachers say we don’t need sin to make us humble. Maybe not, but it sure works wonders.


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