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The Hallowed Name

I’ve spoken before on the power of biblical names. None are more powerful than the names of God. Especially powerful is Jesus’ name. Remember, He and the Father are One.

Biblical names were given to people to designate their destiny and calling. When we look at Jesus, we truly see why we should consider his name hallowed. No name in the universe offers us more promise than His.

First, He was named Jesus, a New Testament way of saying Joshua (Yeshua in Hebrew) because He would save us from our sins (Matthew 1:21). Notice it doesn’t say He would save us from hell. It also doesn’t say He would save us from sin, but from sins. He came not to save us just from the principle of sin but also from its power.

His namesake Joshua’s example helps us understand this better. Joshua was Moses’ assistant during the long trek across the desert. However, Moses was not permitted to take God’s people into the Promised Land. Moses represents the law, and law alone can’t get us to paradise, and the Promised Land was truly a paradise. The Jews were leaving behind the howling desert wilderness to enter a beautiful land bursting with abundance. As such this glorious land of promise represents the New Testament promise of God’s kingdom. The only good news Jesus had, the only gospel He preached, was the incredible good news of God’s kingdom. He spoke of it over 150 times in the New Testament.

However, Joshua had a problem. Fierce giants inhabited this land and they were not about to give it up easily. These giants represent the one thing that can keep us from inheriting the kingdom our Heavenly Father has prepared for us, our sins. When we receive Jesus into our life and allow Him to reign as our risen Lord, He saves us from the power of our sins. This is possible because, when we receive Him, He enters us through the Holy Spirit. This is the very same Spirit that gave Jesus the power to live a sinless life.

But that isn’t all that we need. His name Christ further reveals the strategy behind God’s plan to help us receive our inheritance in His kingdom. Christ means Messiah, which in turn means the Anointed One. When Jesus began His public ministry He read Isaiah 61 out loud in His home synagogue, proclaiming himself as the one who would fulfill its promise. In that passage we learn what He was anointed to do. “The Spirit of the Lord has anointed me,” He proclaimed, “to heal the broken, free the captives, liberate the bruised, restore sight to the blind, preach good news to the poor, and to proclaim the year of Jubilee,” (when all life’s debts were forgiven). 

When we receive God’s Spirit, His Spirit gives us a new life by uniting with our spirit which was deadened by sin. This explains how we are born again and become His children. But our spirit is encapsulated by our soul, which was wounded and damaged by both the sins we have committed and those which were committed against us. This is where we need the Christ. As we learn to walk with him, he heals our brokenness, frees us from our bondage to sin and liberates us from the fears that plague us on account of our wounds. Through His Spirit we have new eyes to see His kingdom. Our debts are forgiven and we can inherit the abundance of wealth that is ours in Christ.

We need to be saved from the sins that would destroy us but we also need to be healed of the brokenness that would keep us enslaved and impoverished. In the hallowed name of Jesus Christ we receive all we need to become truly His brothers and sisters, to fully do His will, and to inherit the glorious kingdom He prepared for us from the foundation of the earth. No wonder Jesus was obsessed with His Father’s kingdom. There’s no better news in the entire Universe.


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