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Who Needs Church?

Five of six Americans feel they can grow spiritually without church. It gets worse. According to a new Barna research survey, “Almost three-fourths of Americans claim to be Christians, but only a small fraction consider church the place to deepen their faith.” Commenting on the survey, Church Staffing newsletter said, “Most feel that church doesn’t really have much to do with them reaching their spiritual potential. The church has lost it's salt.  Quite frankly, 80% just don't believe the church (as they know it) to be valuable to them in any way other than weddings and funerals.” It continues, “A growing percentage of those still involved in the church disagree that being a part of the church can help them reach their full spiritual potential. Let's face it; the church in America is in decline in most instances.  Most of our churches live and exist for themselves and themselves only.  Many churches are run by the finance committee and property committee only.  Smaller churches are fighting for their very life and existence.

I told you last week that LNF is coming to the Church. Perhaps it’s just in time. Did you guess what LNF means yet?  It’s God’s answer to the wonderful question, WWJD - What Would Jesus Do. Interestingly, it also shows us how to never fail and helps us realize that when the Church IS the church, it has everything to do with helping us reach our potential.

LNF means Love Never Fails. From the Apostle Paul’s amazing love chapter in First Corinthians 13 it offers us a true panacea, giving us the instant key to success in every situation. Can you envision a church that trained its people for that kind of success? That’s what LNF is all about.

As you know, the motto of Sunrise Retreats is “Change Your Life in a Weekend.” We are expanding that to “Transform Your Church in a Weekend” – a new program to start a transformation that can turn any church into a spiritual powerhouse beginning from the top down. No one ministers to ministers. We will. We’ll offer your pastors a retreat where they will experience a profound quality of Christian fellowship, nurture and care that envisions them to make their whole church like that. We’ll then train their leaders to do just that and give them tools to help them turn the church into a real school of God’s eternal love.

I can tell you this: virtually everyone who attends our retreats experiences wonderful, dramatic changes in their life. Many of the churches where I’ve done seminars doubled in less than a year. All experienced amazing changes that made them more loving, joyful, healthy, peaceful communities.                                          


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
 "Ken's new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough, goes beyond self help to self healing. You can preview it at The Ultimate Breakthrough "
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