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Only God Finest
Only God Finest
LNF is Coming to the Church

When I was a kid, a radio ad campaign captured our whole cities’ attention. It was delightfully mysterious. Everyone who heard it wondered what it meant. The initial ad simply said, “KFC is coming to town.” We were all dying to know what KFC was and what it would do for us. The stunning success of Kentucky Fried Chicken is legendary.

In a similar vein, LNF is coming to the church. I believe it could have as large an impact on the Church as KFC did on fast food – maybe larger.

What is LNF? Simply God’s ultimate answer to the question, WWJD – What Would Jesus Do. If that question can be answered in three words it’s LNF.

Before I tell you what that stands for, let me ask you this. Have you had a hard time finding a church that really excites you? Are you tired of dead worship, boring sermons, shallow institutionalized religion and rigid judgmentalism? Do you long for deep, satisfying worship, relevant messages and a caring spiritual community where you can be yourself and grow better and happier every week? A place that you can’t wait to get to every week, maybe more than once a week? I know I am. That’s why it’s great news that LNF is coming to the Church.

When Jesus walked the earth, people couldn’t wait to see him. They wanted to hear him, watch him and question him – even just touch his clothes. They would endure any inconvenience to be close to him, sometimes traveling long distances and doing without adequate food. Why is that? What made people crave to be near him. What was so magnetic about him?

For me, Jesus was the ultimate LNF guy. Whether he was healing the sick, freeing people from the paralyzing power of satanic oppression, raising the dead back to life, restoring sight to the blind, or simply talking with his disciples, Jesus was constantly practicing LNF – even when he rebuked his friends!

Do you think people would be eager to go to church if they could see Jesus there? Do you think they would be tempted to sleep in or play golf or spend the day reading the newspaper if they believed Jesus would be at their corner church next Sunday?

That’s what LNF is all about. Greater than any revival, it has the potential to sweep the nation and even the planet with a fresh revelation of our risen Lord. It could breathe life into Ezekiel’s dry bones, rekindle hearts grown cold through disappointment, heartbreak and sin and reinvigorate people who are jaded and disenchanted with organized religion. (I tell people they shouldn’t fear organized religion, it isn’t that organized!)

I’m privileged to be working with some wonderfully competent, caring, committed Christians who are helping me focus a dream that I’ve had for over 20 years; a dream that could change the church and the world in wonderful, exciting, dynamic and powerful ways. It could come to your church, or a neighborhood near you.

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