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What Jesus Did

The last verse of John’s good news (gospel) says, “There are many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself couldn’t contain that books that would be written.” I feel that way after each retreat. He does so much for each person, it’s hard to remember it all. And each thing he does helps to transform a life he so dearly loves.

A case in point: at the recent retreat, an elderly lady came who had attended church much of her life yet she called herself a Christian agnostic. Interesting phrase, isn’t it? When it came time for her healing session, she said this won’t take long because all she wanted were some answers. She explained that she had a hard time believing in God and Jesus because it was all so illogical.

The psalmist once prayed, “Help me understand so I can obey with my whole heart.” Many people are only marginally converted because they could never understand the ‘Christian thing’ in a way that makes sense. The solution? Help them find satisfying answers to their legitimate questions.

I asked this sweet lady if she believed anything else that was illogical. Without a moment’s hesitation she said, “Yes, I believe in love.” “Excellent,” I told her. “Are you truly convinced that love is real?” She said yes, no doubt about it. I then said, “You are very close to finding your faith.” Her eyes got as big as a small child’s about to discover something exciting. “You see,” I told her, “God is love. If you can believe in love, you are very close to believing in God.” A faint smile crossed her lips as she gazed off into the distance. You could almost feel hope seeping into her soul.

“What else do you struggle with?” I asked. “Sin,” she said. “Even my six year old grandchild says, ‘Sometimes I do wrong and I just can’t help myself.’ It seems so final, so unjust.”

“Excellent,” I said again. “Imagine a woman who is a crack cocaine addict and she gives birth to a baby.”

“I’ve worked with people like that,” she said.

I went on. “The baby is born addicted even though it did nothing to deserve it.” She nodded soberly, then searched my face for wisdom. “Think of sin as a spiritual congenital disease,” I told her. “We did nothing to deserve it but we were all born with it.” Her face lit up. “Thank you,” she said, as her eyes welled up with tears. “I can’t thank you enough. You see, I know I don’t have long to live and I really wanted to believe. Now I think I can.”

The healing she needed involved her thinking. As a highly trained educator, she was taught to be a skeptic. We’ve all been taught that by our modern educational system. And even though she desperately wanted to believe, she had never had the chance to intelligently explore the questions that kept her from embracing a reasonable faith. Rational finally answers brought peace to her troubled soul. I believe, no matter how long she lives, her last days will be lived out in much greater peace than she has ever known. All it took was someone hearing her honest questions and offering her sensible answers.

God doesn’t fear skeptics, he welcomes them. The Lord once invited Isaiah to “Come let us reason together.” From the disciple of Jesus who was known as ‘doubting Thomas’ to students in today’s high octane universities people have always wondered about God. He loves to give us answers that satisfy our probing minds.

Don’t fear your own doubts. Doubt is the twin brother of faith. Everything you now believe is something you once doubted. Just let God answer your questions. He can handle it.

In Southern CA, there’s a great radio show each Sunday morning from 6-9 AM called The Jesus Christ Show on KKLA – 640 on your AM dial. The host does a fabulous job answering tough questions from listeners. If you don’t live here, you can still listen in by going to their website and accessing the archives.

If you have questions for me, send ‘em in. I don’t have all the answers but I know Who does.


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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