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What Does the Name Christ Mean?

Biblical names are very important. They signify the meaning of a person’s life and even define their purpose and destiny. Abram’s name was changed to Abraham because, as the father of faith, he also became the father of many nations. After he met Jesus, Simon became Peter. He was no longer a little stone but the solid rock upon which Jesus built his church. Every Christian is given a new name in heaven.

Jesus didn’t need a new name. His was already packed with meaning and significance, but few of us really consider the profound implications his name contains for us.

Jesus – Jeshua in Hebrew- is Joshua in the Old Testament. He was named Jesus because he would save us from our sins. Joshua led God’s people out of their wilderness and into the Promised Land. They went from a sparse barren desert wilderness to a land bursting with abundance. This land of milk and honey was so rich that the cows dripped milk and the bees literally oozed honey. It contained everything they could ever want. Joshua helped them conquer the fierce giants who inhabited the land, driving their enemies out so the Jews could have it. Every family then got their own piece of the Promised Land, a special inheritance that they could call home. Through His indwelling Spirit, Jesus can conquer the giant self-destructive sins that would otherwise rob us of an abundant life.

The name Christ means Messiah, the Anointed One. Jesus was anointed to do many things, not the least of which was to proclaim the year of Jubilee which came every 49 years. Once in every person’s lifetime, during this ‘acceptable year of the Lord,’ every debt was forgiven. If a family had to sell off their inheritance to pay their debts, their land reverted back to them on the Jubilee year. That way, every Jew retained his or her inheritance in the Promised Land.

What does this mean for us? The only gospel Jesus proclaimed was the great good news of God’s Kingdom. He said his Kingdom was within and among us, and filled with righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Biblical peace means shalom, a word pregnant with promises of favor, blessing, wholeness, well-being, prosperity, tranquility and health. We don’t need to wait until we die to taste this kingdom and all its blessings. Eternal life begins here and now as we get to know God and Jesus intimately. God is our benevolent heavenly Father, Jesus our beloved big Brother and marvelous eternal Friend. Because of what Jesus has done, we can be reborn into God’s family. That’s how we get our inheritance. As God’s cherished children, we become joint heirs with Christ. Our Promised Land is His kingdom and we receive all the blessings it bestows on the heirs of the King.

God’s kingdom truly brings heaven to earth. Here’s how it works: when a woman marries, she takes a new name and she also receives whatever her husband has. We do that as Christ’s bride. When a child is adopted, he gets a new name - his parent’s – and he can enjoy what his new parents have. As God’s adopted children, we receive that from our Father in heaven. The spiritual blood of Christ becomes our spiritual bloodline once we receive the same Holy Spirit that gave birth to him. That same Spirit enters our innermost being when we invite Him to take over our life. When we become His, all that He has is ours. It is our Father’s good pleasure to give us His kingdom, and once we have a kingdom, what more can we possibly want?

There’s a lot in a name once we make it our own. And in the name of God, when what’s His becomes ours, our every need is fulfilled; even our heart’s desire becomes attainable. He who freely gave us His only begotten Son will not withhold from us any good thing. And once we have Him living inside of us, he gives us the power to eventually drive out every inner enemy that would steal our rightful inheritance.

This is really what the New Testament is all about. As Jesus last will and testament, it explains the inheritance that becomes ours at His death, and then shows us how best to spend it since He rose from the dead to enjoy it with us. When you understand that, Easter becomes your favorite holiday, for it celebrates all that his death gives us. What’s more, it reminds us of our Eternal retirement benefits.


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