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Everyone wants prosperity, well-being, inner peace, fulfillment and wholeness. These very things are the essence of the abundant life that Jesus came to give us, but the Church has not always communicated that.

Unfortunately, for many people, the gospel doesn’t sound like very good news. Most think the good news of Christianity amounts to little more than pie in the sky when we die. While escaping eternal damnation and enjoying a blissful reward is great, Jesus offers us far more than cheap fire insurance. He came to give us a Kingdom, whose benefits begin in this life. If the Church embodies this and the world around us sees it, it will again change history.

The whole message of Heaven and hell is fraught with difficulties. Many people don’t believe in eternity. Heaven and hell is this life. Sartre said hell is other people. Sometimes I think he’s onto something. Even though most people do believe in eternity, hardly anyone thinks they deserve hell. Hitler thought he was doing the world a favor. John Dillinger, a notorious criminal, believed he was a good guy. The New Testament mentions hell a scant 22 times, while it mentions God’s Kingdom over 150 times.

Jesus has other good news to share besides eternity. He said He would not return until the gospel of God’s Kingdom was preached to the whole earth. So just what is this Kingdom gospel? Jesus promised us an abundant life, meaning, and fulfillment. Who doesn’t want that? He said the Kingdom of God is such good news that if a man finds it, he would sell everything he has to have it.                                           

We had a wonderful retreat this past weekend. The six attendees came from different backgrounds and diverse parts of the country and included a medical doctor, a college professor, two retired teachers, a foundation director and a Christian counselor. In addition to the MD, four had master’s degrees, and one had two masters.

The breadth of healing that Lord did was like a clinic in advanced ministry. I felt like I had to use most of the skills I’ve mastered over the last 25 years to achieve the breakthroughs we accomplished. Some got great healing. One was very calmly delivered from the power of over 30 religious spirits, another had her skepticism largely supplanted with a reasonable faith she could more fully embrace. Each person left feeling much better than when they arrived.

A counselor said, “With a room full of people willing to be vulnerable and minister to the hurts of others, I have gotten healing from that alone. True unity, true love, built in a weekend – truly changed my life in a weekend! It gave me room to feel the pain that I feel I have to suppress to be a “good Christian” in my church. It also helped me realize more of my spiritual gifting and calling to ministry.”

One person said she got, “Healing, then making aware, then healing again and revealing more, then healing again. I am released! Thank you!”

Another said, “I benefited from the emotional support and acceptance of the group, as well as being let into the lives of these fine people. The work on original sin and belief helped me clarify questions which have plagued me for years. Thank you for your guidance and leadership. This intimacy and chance to grow have been a special gift.”

Another said, I feel this helped me in my marriage.”

Our next retreat is scheduled for June 9-11. Sign up now for the early bird discount.


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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