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One Radical Key to Marital Bliss

People wonder why so few marriages are happy and the divorce rate is so high even among Christians. The answer is rooted in our understanding of God and the implications for marital bliss. Here’s what I mean. Few realize that Lord is not a synonym for God, it actually means husband, and that has profound implications for marriage. 

Perhaps the best way I can explain this is to mention that I heard a great sermon recently about marriage. Passing reference was made to the fact that a wife is commanded to submit to her husband as to the Lord, and a husband is to love his wife sacrificially as Christ loves the Church. All well and good, except that the message proceeded to emphasize how the husband was a good husband because he submitted to his wife’s wishes!

When we’re told that we’re to love sacrificially as Christ loves us, we need to rethink the implications. I believe this because I know how Christ loves me. Hebrews reminds us that he disciplines us. He does this for our good, so we can partake in His holiness.

This is not very popular today. Feminist values have affected the Church and society in terrible ways. Most women would laugh at the very idea of submitting to a man, and scoff the very notion of being disciplined by their husband. But I would submit to you that, given the very few happy marriages we see, what we’re doing isn’t working.

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