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What’s It All About, Alfie?

When I was about 13, I began asking why I was alive. I stopped asking before I turned 14. My peers looked at me like I was nuts, and adults seemed to think it a rude question. Probably few had answered it for themselves.

 Almost ten years later, I discovered the answer. A few years after that I found more elegant language for it. After a near fatal bout of atheism, I discovered “The chief end of man is to glorify God.” But that sounds so religious. What does glorify God mean? And is it a complete answer?

 I think not. I’m now convinced we’re put on earth for a few reasons. First, we’re here to get to know our Creator. I began doing that in 1971. Secondly, we’re here to learn life’s lessons. Life has much to teach us. We can learn the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is to make all our own mistakes. The easy way is to study God’s love letter to us, His Word.

 The vast majority of Americans – over 80%, believe the Bible is the greatest book ever written. Over 66% believe that every word is a true and dependable guideline for life. I just know it works for me.

 Months ago I met a self-proclaimed Buddhist from Australia. I mentioned that Buddhists don’t believe in God. He agreed and asked why I was a Christian. I told him I’ve studied every major religion and philosophy in the world and nothing makes more sense than the Bible; that if anyone had a belief that made more sense I would try it. He recited an arrogant quote from Nietzsche, the atheist who claimed God was dead, mocking believers as being weak and ignorant. I asked the man if Nietzsche’s beliefs had worked for Nietzsche. He grew silent for a long pregnant moment then quickly changed the subject. Nietzsche became so ill he retired at 33. By his forties, he was insane. He died at 46. 

 I don’t like everything the Bible says. There’s something in it to offend everyone. It’s said liberals hate what it says about sex while conservatives can’t stand its take on money. But I know that: I ignore the Bible at my own peril.

 There are other reason we’re here. When we give our life to God, He begins a good work in us. He begins to change our life, and He promises to continue that work for as long as we live. Life is about growth. Everything that isn’t growing is dead. Some people are like the living dead but their bodies just don’t know it yet.

 Growth, while sometimes painful, is still good news, because the more we grow the better we become and the better our life gets. The reason for this is simple. True spiritual growth makes us more like Jesus and nothing is more fulfilling than reincarnating His Love. His magnificent life is the blueprint for life’s deepest satisfactions.

 What does that pattern look like? God is Love. He doesn’t have love, He IS Love. That’s why the greatest need in our life is love. We were created with what Pascal called a God shaped vacuum. Only Love can fill our emptiness. The problem is most of us look for that love in some of the wrong places.

 We may think things will fill our need for love. Or how we look will bring us the love we need. Or people will love us as deeply as we need. Or sex, fun, vacations, a nice house, a great car, a terrific job, or children and a white picket fence will finally make us happy. But without a greater purpose in life, without a bigger picture, even good things grow stale. Life isn’t about acquiring it’s about being. It doesn’t consist in the abundance of things but in a plethora of rich, full satisfying relationships through which we can fulfill our highest destiny.

 What is that destiny? Jesus said we were created to bear lasting fruit. Apple trees create pretty buds each spring but that isn’t why you plant an apple tree. Each blossom must become an apple. Until that happens, the tree is relatively useless. The flowers aren’t that beautiful and the wood isn’t really good for making things. Apple trees exist to create apples.

 Similarly, we were created to produce spiritual fruit. Even having children isn’t enough. We were born again to produce spiritual offspring. Nothing less will fulfill our raison d’eter – our reason for being. We are planted on earth to help others know God and His deeply gratifying, life-changing love. How different the world would be if we were all committed to that; if learning to love and sharing it were the most important things in our lives.


Take some time to write out your answers to these questions. As you face them honestly, your life will greatly improve.

If this isn’t the reason for your life, what is? Is that working for you? Does it satisfy you? Are you growing or shrinking? Expanding or diminishing? Becoming better or getting worse? If you honestly face such questions, it will help you. If you answer them correctly, it will bless your life immeasurably.

 My books, PRECIOUS PEARLS – Spiritual Wisdom for an Abundant Life, can help you in this journey. It’s available for you to preview at ….    And you can buy it as an inexpensive eBook on my website. If you read it and do the exercises, it will help to improve your life in some wonderful ways.


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