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How to Make Your’08 Great

Forget about New Years resolutions. Want your ‘08 to be Great? I do, and I can make that happen. So can you. Here’s how.

Last year, I practiced my ‘Christian secrets’: regularly meditating on God’s Word as it pertains to areas in my life that I want to change. I started with three areas, expanded it to eight, and eventually wrote out over 30 things I wanted to change in my life to make it better. I found scriptures for all of them and wrote them in my journal. Then I made sure to meditate on the top three each day, and the others whenever I had time. I came to call it rethreading my head and I can tell you this: it made my ’07 a lot more like Heaven.

When I did this, the first thing I noticed was a deeper personal peace. As I affirmed the great truths of scripture as they pertained to the things I wanted to improve about my life, I didn’t react inside my head to problems as they occurred; instead I determined to handle them differently. I knew that almost everything we worry about never happens, but I finally found a way to stop worrying about them. And sure enough, none of the tragedies I feared materialized, not one.

The second thing I noticed was that many more blessings came across my path. Maybe my mind was just freer to notice them, but great people, opportunities and even financial provisions just started to show up whenever I needed them and sometimes even before that. A friend donated $10,000 to keep us solvent, right when we needed it. Well known Christians came to speak at our conference without asking for a specific honorarium. An attendee at our Transformation 2007 event wrote out checks for over $8,000 to cover our financial losses on the event. Other friends put together retreats and speaking engagements that allowed us to earn necessary funds and in the process many lives were profoundly transformed. How good is that?

The third thing I noticed was simply this: life was more fun and interesting almost every day.

Want in on this? Let me show you how. Pick at least three things you want to see happen in your life. For me I chose four: Wisdom, Love, Belief (faith for my dreams), and Joy. I call it WLBJ, which makes it easy to remember.

Next, I chose scriptures to reflect on each day that contained related promises. Proverbs 3:13-18 is great on Wisdom, while John 15:7-11 had the other three covered, Love, Belief and Joy. Finally, I personalized these scriptures to make them a real part of the very fiber of my being as I meditate on them daily.

What does this look like? I affirm that “I am happy because I find wisdom and it gives me riches honor, pleasant paths, shalom, and a tree of life.” Then for Love I affirm that “Because I keep Your commandments, I abide in Your love.” Belief sounds like this: “I abide in You and Your words abide in me, so I can ask what I desire and it is done for me.” Finally, Joy looks like this: “And Your joy remains in me and is made full.” 

Choose three things you want to change about your life this year; any three things. Find relevant scriptures, personalize them in a sentence, and meditate on them daily. It will take you all of three minutes or less each day to do this and it just might make your ’08 great. Then let me know how it’s working for you.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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