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Life's Greatest Secret: It’s NOT What You Think!

The greatest secret to having a wonderful life is well proven. King Solomon asked God for this and when He granted it to him he became the wisest, wealthiest and most successful person of his time and perhaps in all of history.

Solomon's secret is readily available to you now. God wants you to have it so badly He’s told you exactly how to receive it. In fact, a whole section of the Bible is devoted to it. What is it? The Bible calls it wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to know what’s best in any situation. The Bible promises that if you search for wisdom diligently you will find it and with it you will receive true wealth, peace and prosperity and all your ways will be pleasant. You will receive everything money can buy and even the wonderful things money can’t buy like health, long life, and honor. Wisdom even contains the key to that elusive condition we call happiness (Pro. 3:13).

How does wisdom do all this for us? Simple. Biblical wisdom is thoroughly consistent with the nature of reality (See Proverbs 3.19-20 and Proverbs 8, the whole chapter). Wisdom helped God shape the entire universe from primeval dust. That means that when God says to do something a certain way it’s because He knows what works and what doesn’t. He should know, He created us and everything else.

However, most of us have two problems with godly wisdom. First, wisdom often requires things we’d never figure out for ourselves -- things that run contrary to our natural inclinations, like, if someone hits you turn the other cheek, or love your enemies, or blessed are the meek. I call this wise counsel ‘fighting-fire-with-water.’ The good news here is that the Bible helps us learn this stuff the easy way. We don’t have to make all our own mistakes. We can uncover divine wisdom simply by studying God’s Word.

The second problem is harder to solve. Our flesh doesn’t like some of what God says. (Okay, most of what He says.) We want what we want and we want it now. This especially pertains to things like sex, revenge, and covetousness. Actually, there’s something in God’s Word to offend everyone. So indeed, we still usually have to learn the hard way. But once you’ve fought enough fires with fire and only burned down your own house, and once you’ve learned that sex is a terrible substitute for genuine love and in fact can keep you from ever finding it, and… well, you get the picture. When you’re sick and tired of becoming sick and tired you are ready to get well! You’re ready for godly wisdom.

This is where meditating on scripture comes in. As soon as I decided I wanted more happiness and added it to my list of things to mediate on day and night, I looked up ‘happy’ in my concordance and found a passage on wisdom. I’d read this scripture many times, but it was only as I began to meditate on it daily that it became something I earnestly desired. As I reflected on the wonderful Proverbs related to wisdom, I realized I had wasted decades running away from the one thing that would bring me all I desired in life. Like Saint Augustine I had prayed ‘Lord make me chaste, but not yet.’ But when I first became a Christian all I wanted was to be happy and this is exactly what wisdom offered me! By avoiding it I only hurt myself.

Once I meditated on wisdom scriptures my heart quickly opened up to it. Meditation is like chewing on something. You can feed on God’s Word by reading it but unless you meditate on it, its essence can’t be digested. It may be in your head but it won’t make it into your heart. Consequently it will never become a part of you. And since all the issues of life flow from the heart, mere head knowledge of the Bible won’t help you much. But once you learn to reflect on scriptures day and night, they get deep inside you and begin to work for you from the inside out. Once that happens, Synchronicity kicks in and you magnetically draw to yourself the very things you want. As you do that, your faith grows, you grow closer to the Lord and you can finally begin to achieve your full potential in Him.

Truly, above all things seek wisdom. Nothing else you desire compares to her. As her secrets become yours, your life will begin to soar and your dreams become reality. That’s why it’s the greatest secret known to man. It only takes a few minutes a day to meditate on scriptures related to what you want. What can stop you from starting this today?

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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