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Rethread More of Your Head

Few things have brought more blessings into my life than learning to rethread my head, or, as the Bible says, “be transformed by the renewing of my mind.” This is not a one-time experience that comes with being born again, though that certainly gives us the mind of Christ and accelerates the process dramatically. Rather it’s a lifetime journey from living by sight to living by faith. 

 As I learned to rethread my own head, the most powerful changes affected anxiety levels. I’ve struggled with that since early childhood. My mother loved me dearly but she was blind and I was her only child. She was constantly worried that something would happen to me. I picked up on that and catastrophized over the smallest details. Did someone look at me funny? They must not like me. If I got a letter from the IRS they must be after me. If someone said they wanted to talk with me they must be upset about something. Was there sin in my life? If so, God would never bless me, so don’t even try to achieve anything for Him. I knew that 95% of what we fear never happens, and that FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real, but I didn’t know how to overcome my negative programming. The old inner tapes kept running and I couldn’t erase them or even turn down the volume. What’s worse, we often draw to ourselves what we expect. When we constantly expect the worst it often happens.

 As I learned to meditate on the power we have to “be anxious in nothing,” but instead think on positive things (cf. Philippians 4), everything began to change. Sure there is sin in my life. There’s sin in everyone’s life. If God can’t use sinners He can’t use anyone. We are all a combination of dust and divinity, an amalgam of the already and the not yet; we all have a growing edge of victories as yet to be attained. Sanctification, like wholeness and healing, is a heroic lifetime journey, but I can’t afford to wait to get perfect before I use the gifts and abilities God gave me. I may never be totally righteous.

 I now see that the letter from IRS last week was a simple communiqué about my managing my aunt’s taxes. The funny look from a friend could have been a minor gas pain or something they felt about themselves, it isn’t all about me!

 I also learned to face down my negative inner dialogue; to realize that often those cackling voices may even be a satanic emissary designed to neutralize or distract me, steal my hope and joy, and talk me out of doing something great for His kingdom. (CS Lewis calls that negative judgmental inner voice the lizard on your shoulder.)

 On my daily walk, I refused to entertain negative thoughts about others, God, myself, and my future. I began to replace those thoughts with scriptures that encouraged me to give thanks in everything, to respect all people, to rejoice in everything and, more importantly, to love everyone. After all, LNF: Love Never Fails baby!

 As brought my thoughts captive to Christ, wonderful things started happening. I liken it to tuning up my inner computer. I recently started working with tech people to speed up my computer, remove viruses, clean up my hard drive and delete unnecessary programs. The tech guys take over my computer from afar and cleanse, purge and renew its capacities. It’s almost running like new again, and they say it should easily go for another ten years. What a deal!

 Rethreading my head has done this for my brain and soul; actually it’s done a lot more. I’m not just removing the viruses of negativity, anxiety and fear; I’m also learning to believe so my dreams can come true. Since I began reprogramming my inner computer, opportunities materialize every week to advance my God-inspired dreams and visions. Nothing is more exciting than realizing your heart’s desires. I can finally believe that’s going to happen now. The problem was never with God, it was in me and my old, dusty, clogged mental computer. I love the results and I love sharing it with others.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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