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How and Why to Rethread Your Head

You’ve heard me mention what I call rethreading your head. The Bible says we’re to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Some Christians see this as a one time occurrence at conversion, but ongoing transformation, like healing, is a lifelong process. Areas of my mind need to be renewed often – little attitudes and thoughts that seek to lead me down a path that isn’t productive or good, and I’m not just talking about carnal temptation. The Apostle Paul said “there are many voices and none without meaning”. He meant our inner dialogue – the old tapes we play and new ones planted by Satan to deceive, mislead and just keep us anxious, depressed, fearful, negative, critical, angry and judgmental. Can you relate? As you rethread your head it deals with these problems and leads to profound transformation from the inside out.

 I began to rethread my head about three years ago. Since then, I’ve experienced greater peace, less anxiety, more positivity and many remarkable life changing blessings. As a by-product, incredible opportunities came along to advance God’s kingdom and my own dreams and heart’s desires. This has been the fruit of renewing my mind. You can enjoy these benefits too.

 A simple for instance: traffic is a legendary problem in southern California. When I determined to nurture the garden of my mind, to weed it, prune it and plant the seeds I want, I soon saw the awful thoughts that crowded in on me while driving. I determined to bless those who cursed me, to thank God for those who slowed me down, and generally relax and not let bad drivers get to me. It’s been wonderful. I still work at this but my level of peace when driving has increased exponentially.

 I usually pray when I take my daily walk. My prayers used to be filled with pleading, anxiety, doubt and anger with God for not doing what I wanted. As I rethreaded my own head I learned that when we indulge such dreadful attitudes we magnetize to ourselves the very things we don’t want. No wonder my prayers weren’t being answered like I desired. They were brimming with doubt, tension, manipulation and anguish. My unanswered prayers weren’t God’s fault they were mine. As I accepted responsibility for my thoughts, I learned to plant seeds of faith, gratitude, prosperity and blessing and voila, my prayers began to be answered before I even asked them. Example? I had just finished writing my new book Keys to the Kingdom.  I know that Jesus said He would only return for us when the good news of His kingdom had been proclaimed to the whole world. I realized the gospel of God’s kingdom is hardly being proclaimed anywhere. Before I even had time to pray about it I met a dear woman who has a Christian radio network that reaches two thirds of the world. She offered me space on her satellite program to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom throughout her whole network!

 I hope you have dreams. I hope you are pursuing an unfolding vision for your life. Those in my spiritual mentoring program are doing exactly that. If you have dreams for a richer fuller life, it will help you enormously to rethread your head. If you struggle with fear, anxiety or depression, it will help you even more. 

 I soon hope to edit a video series I did on the topic and make it available in the near future. For now, let me just suggest that you find an area where you need to rethread your head. It could deal with depression, anxiety, anger, lust, fear, unbelief, or any other negative thought pattern that affects you adversely. Find a scripture related to it, personalize it, and meditate on it day and night. For instance, if you are anxious, look up Philippians 4:4-8. Write down “I will be anxious in nothing, but instead I humbly submit my requests to You, and meditate on all the good things I see all around me.” If you do that for the rest of this year, your anxiety will soon dissipate and you will experience all the wonderful benefits that come from a renewed mind. Rethreading your head is fun, easy and takes very little time and the rewards are awesome.

           “After being divorced for 17 years, the Lord had started preparing me for a different life. Little did I know, He was preparing me for a husband. I had to learn how to cook again J, clean and manage a house.

             “While working at Rainbow Family Bookstore, I was told that a man comes into the store every weekend asking for me.  I assumed it was someone from my church, so I never gave it much thought. When I finally did meet him, he told me that he had gotten my name from a roster as one of the coordinators for the Christian Singles Ministry and wanted to know more about the ministry.

             “Over the next couple of weekends, Taft would stop by the store to say hello. Little did I know, I was being set up for a date.  He had already discussed his intentions with my coworkers. (At Rainbow we were all family).

             “October of 1997, he asked if I would think about attending a bowling party with him.  I said, I would think about it. My coworkers over heard the conversation and could not understand why I hesitated. (Remember I told you, I was being set up! J They told me they thought he was a nice person with good intentions.  My response to them.. “You go out with him then.”  Needless to say, I went and had a good time. We went out over the next two weekends. Just before the third weekend, I was having my quiet time with the Lord.  You see, I had been divorced for 17 years, but only a Christian for three.  During that time it was Jesus and me, and I wasn’t going to let anyone take that away from me!

             “My prayer was this...”Lord, if this is the husband you have for me, I need a sign.  If this is not Your Will, then remove him from my life.” Then I remembered Judges the sixth chapter, when Gideon asked The Angel of the Lord to show him a sign.  Show me my fleece!  This is what happened:

             “First, the Lord showed me a vision of myself in the middle of what looked like an igloo and all of the ice surrounding me started falling.  The shield that I had put around me was being melted away.  Second, my request was: I have never received any flowers from a man before, so if this is “the one,” let him bring me flowers.

            “The church that I was attending was having a revival and we were supposed to be going, but I could not get off work. When I arrived at Rainbow, my supervisor asked me, “What time do you have to be at church?”  When I told her, she said to just stay for 30 minutes, and then clock out.  I thought that was mighty strange, because not once did she look at me. (I’m being set up!).  So I made a phone call to tell Taft that I would be able to go.

          “Hold on to your seat!   When my date arrived, he met me downstairs.  He opened the car door for me and there in my seat were my flowers! I froze, or slid under the car. (To this day can’t remember). All I know is that I cried all the way to church.  When we arrived at church, pictures of families were being taken that day.  We were asked by the photographer if we wanted our pictures taken, as he thought we were already married. Little did I know, that when the photographer asked that question, that was the fleece that Taft had asked the Lord for. God answered both of our fleeces within the same hour!

        “Now, let me back up a little.  He had first seen me a year earlier when Rainbow was on Warrensville Center.  He said he heard a conversation going on between my coworkers and myself about men.   He was impressed that every word that came out of my mouth was Godly wisdom and not male bashing. When he left the store, he said to God,,, “That’s going to be my wife.”  He was told by the Lord that he ha d to wait a year.  It took that long for God to heal me from past wounds. (Remember that Igloo I told about.)



Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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