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If you follow this newsletter, you know that I’ve been experiencing unparalleled blessings in my life. They didn’t just happen, they came about from some simple but essential changes I made in my life – changes you can make too.

When I work with clients in healing ministry I often ask them at the end of each session to pray as if they have a blank check from God – to ask Him for whatever they want and need. The changes in my life started that way too. I first began by asking God for these three things: to achieve my heart’s desires, to be more spiritual and less carnal and selfish, and to experience greater prosperity. I then chose three scriptures, one related to each issue, personalized them, and began meditating briefly on them two or three times each day. I call this ‘rethreading my head’, which is my way of describing the biblical process of being transformed by the renewing of my mind. As I reflect on these scriptures daily, my mindset is changing. I can see things God’s way instead of my old way of negativity, defeat, and hopelessness.

Meditating on the scriptures, not just reading over them quickly, enables me to see new things about myself I never would have seen otherwise. For instance, as I reflect on the verse that says “Delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desire”, I realized I DO delight in Him. Nothing and no one else makes me as happy as He does. I want nothing less than to live in accordance with His perfect will for my life. As I recognized that, it became easier to believe that He will give me my heart’s desire, and since faith is the currency of His Kingdom, my desires began to come true. I met a new producer who is interested in one of my films, my agent made a new contact with a publisher who is interested in one of my books, and plans are quickly unfolding to develop Transformation Conferences that will help heal the Church.

As I began to see results, I expanded my list. I now have 27 scriptures I have personalized. Each contains marvelous promises from God that I wish to make a part of my life. I now meditate daily on six of these, usually first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep, then a third time during my daily walk. I’ve also reduced these six scriptures down to a brief description that I repeat out loud as I take my walk. (If any one sees me talking to myself they’ll probably think I’m nuts but there’s real power in hearing your own voice affirm the things you want and need.) I quietly but firmly say “Health, wealth, love, success, happiness and heart’s desires.” I then reflect on a scripture that relates to each one and as I do this, a smile slowly spreads across my face. By doing this daily, I am beginning to believe that each one is mine. Jesus himself said, “Whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you have them and you will receive them.” There’s no doubt about it, these six wonderful things are becoming mine.

Want to change your life? First decide what you want then list three things, and find scriptures that contain promises related to them. Personalize them, meditate on them at least twice a day and see what miracles God will do to change your life. All I ask is that if you do this, write and tell me how it’s working. We’d love to share your victorious stories with others.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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