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How to Make the Most of Your Life

In recent months, I’ve been in the flow. What I mean by that is that I’ve experienced unparalleled blessings and synchronicity that’s propelling me forward into my dreams and my destiny. This is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in life. It’s accelerating the move towards achieving my life vision and purpose in amazing ways. What about your life? Care to join me?

It all started with defining what I want and what I believe God wants for me by writing a clear vision and mission statement. (See Laurie Beth Jones’s book THE PATH.) Then I determined what I need to change to accomplish these things and linked scriptures to each area to meditate on. After all, we are transformed by the renewing of our mind and the Word of God is powerful. It can accomplish what noting else can, especially in casting down strongholds of disbelief within us. Then I began meditating on each personalized scripture night and day and when I took my daily walk.

My first need was to program my mind to achieve my heart’s desire so I meditated on this sentence three times a day: “Since I delight in You Lord, You are bringing about my heart’s desire.” I wrote down specific items that reflect my heart’s desire, such as becoming a best selling author and making blockbusters films that glorify God. As I did that, I realized that these are things the Lord wants also. This made it easier to believe for them. I now know I am praying “in accordance to His will.” Without such faith it is “impossible to please Him.”

I read today that we should “Think and say only that which you wish to become true. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the outline of the image itself; the real substance, not merely a mental image. What we believe is coming to us is a tremendous creative motive. Your whole thought current must be set in the direction of your life purpose. Whatever comes to us in life, we create first in our mentality” (Ray Smith).

My second step was to deal with the things that interfered with my well being and my capacity to believe in the Lord’s desire to help me achieve my dreams. Like many people, including the apostle Paul, I struggle with lust, so I also meditate three times a day on this sentence, adapted and personalized from Galatians 5: “As I walk in the Spirit I do not fulfill the lusts of my flesh.” For the first time in my adult life my struggle with lust decreased dramatically and without strenuous effort. This made it much easier both to focus on what I need to do and to believe that the Lord wants to bless me with my heart’s desires.

Finally, I began confront my ongoing doubts concerning prosperity. Having been raised in a lower middleclass family and worked my whole adult life in ministry related vocations, I had a hard time believing I would ever be financially successful. To attack the root of this I meditated on this sentence based on Psalm 27:35: “Since I’m Your servant Lord, You delight in my prosperity and magnify Your name through it.” If I, being evil, want good things for my children, how much more does He who is good enjoy it when those who serve Him are blessed. I realized deep down that I am His servant. I want what He wants for my life. God isn’t cheap and the abundance of the universe is His to dispense as He sees fit. This isn’t some “blab is and grab it” pseudo-faith technique. Do your own research. Scriptures abound with divine promises of prosperity.

If we are to do this, we must first realize that the Lord’s purpose for us is good (See Jeremiah 29:11). It’s also uniquely suited to who we are. I love Frederick Beuchner’s statement that “The will of God is where our great passion meets the world’s deep need.” God has given us dreams that correlate with His plan for us, that’s why we mush first seek to know and do His will. Then we must develop a plan to accomplish His highest good through our lives and work that plan diligently. When we yoke our divinely inspired plan with belief, heaven and earth move in to help us achieve our goals. People, resources and faith rush to our aid.

As a child I used to wonder if the best things in life were those rare days spent at an amusement park, but this is better than spending a lifetime in Disney land. It’s a celestial thrill ride I don’t want to miss. How about you?

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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