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Want Your Dreams to Come True Now?

God cares about our dreams. If He didn’t He wouldn’t have told us how to make them come true: “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desire.” Sadly, few of us know how to manifest things through our faith. We don’t have a practical faith capable of making things happen.

For decades I’ve been haunted by Jesus’ rhetorical question: “When I return, will I find faith on earth?” He obviously wants a lot more than the shallow faith that prides itself on doctrinal correctness or the belief that you’re going to heaven. Real faith, even in tiny measures, moves mountains. In fact, it’s what makes everything that God does happen on earth. You could go so far as to say it’s how we bring heaven to earth. It’s also how we make our dreams come true. The true meaning of Hebrews 11:1 is that faith is how we substantiate the things we hope for. Without potent faith it’s not only impossible to please God, it’s also not possible to know the blessings of seeing Him make things happen through our prayers. We can’t tangibilitate our dreams.

This New Year, I got tired of wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ while nothing happened. I decided to get results. So I set aside an hour each day to grow in faith so my dreams can come true. So far it’s been an incredible year. I’ve seen more small miracles than at any time in my life. Seemingly out of the blue new clients appeared for personal healing, our next retreat filled up, a producer asked for two of my scripts, a new partner began taking over the aspects of my work that I don’t like and do well, an architect offered to help us get a building to fulfill a long standing dream I had given up on, and more. Weekly, often daily, small miracles propel me towards my heart’s desire.

Please realize there’s nothing special about me, except perhaps that I desire God’s will for my life more than I desire my own and honestly, even that’s selfish. I’ve learned that His plan for my life is better than what I choose.

You can get similar results. Here’s how I did it. Decades ago I heard a great talk on the biblical secret to success. Based on Joshua I, Bill Gothard said that if you are defeated or need success in any area of your life, find a scripture related to that need, then personalize it and meditate on it day and night until you have your answer.

I started with three areas of my life where I yearned for success and chose relevant scriptures for each. First, I wanted to delight in the Lord again so He could give me my heart’s desire (Psalm 37:4). Second, I wanted to be more spiritual and less carnal (cf. Galatians 5:16), and finally, I wanted to prosper (Psalm 35:27). To personalize these needs, I linked them to those scriptures, wrote them in my journal and now meditate on them daily.

Here’s how I personalized them. First, I wrote, “I delight in You and You are giving me my heart’s desire.” Next, I wrote, “As I walk in Your Spirit, I don’t fulfill the lusts of my flesh.” Finally, I penned “Since I’m Your servant, You delight in my prosperity.”   I meditate on these things each morning as I wake up and each night just before sleep. My faith began to rise and the miracles immediately began to unfold.

For years I’ve known that we can manifest things faith by visualizing the unseen with our inner eyes of faith, but because I am not a visual thinker I couldn’t “see” them happening in my mind’s eye. Because I so believe the Bible is true, as soon as I linked scriptural affirmations with my meditation I got my breakthrough.

The book that’s helped me most with this is a little classic called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I know that what psychologists call the subconscious is what the Bible calls our heart and since Christ lives in my heart, this book gave me practical ways to tap into His power within. After all, Jesus can do far beyond all that we ask or think through His power within us (Cf. Ephesians 3:20).

Honestly, Murphy’s writing sounds rather new age, but he offers lots of solid scriptural advice. In my mind I replace the phrase ‘subconscious mind’ with heart. Then the Spirit within me empowers me to ‘do all things through Christ.’

In upcoming articles, I’ll tell you more about this new and exciting faith expedition and how it works. If you decide to join me on this journey, I’d love to hear how it’s affecting you. Drop me a line and let me know. We always love your emails, comments and questions.



“Why do you think it is that so many people live mediocre lives, without ever achieving anything of much benefit to the world as a whole? The reason is simply this.....People conform, and the group that most people conform to are the ones that never achieve much in their lives! Sad but true.

"There are two kinds of people in the world, those who count and those who do not. The vast majority are of those who do not count. They are born; they grow to maturity; they eat, drink, sleep and work; they marry and are given in marriage; they laugh and are happy, and they are sick and miserable in turn; they die, and except as they leave behind them children to do as they have done it is as if they had never lived at all.

They are the children of circumstance, the creatures of environment. Their lives are ordered for them by custom and habit; they think the thoughts and imitate the actions of those with whom they chance to be associated. They exercise no power beyond that which is common to their fellows; they leave no footprints on the sands of time. When the census is taken they are counted; but in so far as a really distinct individuality is concerned they do not count. It would answer as well to take their census in blocks of ten as one by one; or to reckon them by the hundred like sheep, for sheep have almost as much individuality as they. They may be more or less happy, more or less useful, more or less successful; but even though they gain wealth they do not count, for their riches do not give them a distinct personality.” - Wallace Wattles

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