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Want a Daily Miracle?

I’ve experienced daily miracles since May 20. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Every day, beautiful serendipities occur that enrich my life, make me happier and move me closer to fulfilling my divine destiny. A friend said   I’m living in the reality of Psalm 5:12: “For You oh Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor you will surround him as a shield.”

 While I don’t feel especially righteous, I’ve sought God’s favor for years. It seems I’ve finally found it. I feel like I’m living “under the spout where the glory comes out,” and I never want to move. Religious people may be sad to know that this is not because of some great leap in holiness or profound repentance. I’m as human as I’ve ever been. Well, maybe I’m a tiny bit better, but only because I’m enjoying these miracles so much I don’t have the time or inclination to mess up.

 It all started in North Carolina. I spent a week on the beach with a buddy who told me I just didn’t seem happy, that I was preoccupied with my work and ‘making something happen.’ He was right. I didn’t take time to smell the flowers, and my whole life was starting to stink!

 I listened to a Tony Robbins tape that recommended incantations – speaking daily phrases to affirm truths we need to manifest. Now, I know some of you will freak at the word incantations, but “To the pure all things are pure.” Fundamentalist superstitions can rob us of solid helpful truths if they come from a questionable source. Truth is truth, even from the mouth of a donkey!

 I chose to meditate on truths based on scripture. The only verse that tells us how to succeed in everything says the key is to meditate on scriptures (Cf. Joshua 1). I chose verses that help me incarnate truths I need but hadn’t fully experienced.

 My first affirmation is from Psalm 37:5. I say, “I delight in You Lord and You are giving me my heart’s desire.” For years, I wanted to delight in God. As I repeated this potent affirmation, I discovered I already do. Flaws in my life kept me from seeing this. I truly take great pleasure in God, His loving Presence and His splendid purpose for my life. I delight in Him now. I can’t help it, Jesus is the best news I’ve ever found. His daily Friendship makes my life glow and keeps me on an exciting path of perpetual self-improvement and the better I get, the better my life gets. If that’s the ‘opiate of the people”, I’m hopelessly hooked. Give me more!

 My other two affirmations are similar. One quotes from Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” From Ephesians 3:20, I affirm “I can do greater things than I hope and dream through God’s Spirit working in me.”

 A week after I started this I went to Orlando. My life was a confusing jumble of grandiose ideas, endless impossible tasks, and half-baked potential and dreams. It was driving me nuts. To sort this out, I asked four good friends to help me evaluate my goals and strategies. They came from New York, Ohio and Florida to a dear friend’s place in Orlando.

 They had never been together before. Some had never even met, but I wanted the weekend to give something back to them so I asked them to share the growing edge in their life – the place where they needed help and support to grow. We then asked God to help with each of our needs. My growing edge was my lack of faith. The constant undercurrent to my hopes and dreams had been “Lord I believe, help my unbelief”. I wanted to stop that. I wanted to truly believe for the wonderful things I envisioned and sought. God answered that prayer in extraordinary ways.

 Before I left my friend’s home, my friends pledged to donate enough money to live on for six months. They wanted me to focus on making my retreats as good as they can be. They also helped me in other ways too numerous to mention, with contacting people who can get me agents, publicity, and many other resources necessary to impact the world through my work. Most even walked into my dreams, sharing ways they wanted to actively participate.

 The miracles started before I left Orlando. When I got to the airport, the woman at the desk bumped me up to first class. I wrote a blueprint for my goals on the flight home. As I walked in the door of my apartment, the phone rang. A wonderful Christian recording artist whose songs we use at my retreats offered to attend the next retreat and lead worship.

 I wanted to meet Tony Robbin’s PR agent. One buddy is a friend of his. I spoke to him and he offered to help me find a literary agent for my nonfiction books. Another new friend I met in Orlando offered to help me find an agent for my screenplays.

 Unrelenting miracles, small and large, continued every day! The last retreat filled up with the neatest people and each one experienced their own weekend miracle. Every person was profoundly transformed.

 Clients came out of the woodwork. Other churches and even a business contacted me about leading retreats for them. A wonderful new artist friend offered to give me art lessons – my oldest unfulfilled dream. Another friend shared her dream of starting a holistic therapeutic retreat center and writing a book with me. Still others new friends offered to help me put together a Concert of Healing, to travel from city to city and share the wonderful news and experience of deep healing through song, dance, multimedia, drama, teaching and experiential exercises. Another buddy offered to help me design tee shirts that lift the vision for a wonderful form of Spirit-filled growth, living and healing.

 Almost daily, I meet new friends who are enthralled with my work and want to share in it. I made so many new contacts with unbelievably talented people at church Sunday my head is swimming. Every day, my heart’s desire is coming closer to being fulfilled. Actually, it IS fulfilled. I’m living in God’s perfect moment each day and there’s no place I’d rather be.

 What triggered this? I’ve heard people talk about limiting beliefs. Mine was that because I’m not yet perfect, God can’t bless me. Lots of preachers, books and speakers will tell you this. It’s a prime tenant of evangelically correct thinking. But as soon as I affirmed my delight for Him and realized that grace doesn’t require instant perfection, Heaven’s windows were thrown open. Why did this happen? Faith is the currency of God’s Kingdom. As soon as we believe without doubt, we have our request granted (Cf. Mark 9 and 11).

 You can have this too. There’s nothing special about me. All you have to do is identify the thing you most need help with and find a scripture related to it. If you need help with this, email me. I’ll help you find a good verse. Then meditate on it when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Write it on a card and shove it in your wallet. Pull it out whenever you need a refresher. I call these ‘prescriptures’. They cost nothing, you can’t overdose on them and there are no side effects. God’s Word is powerful. It will help you find the abundant life you crave.


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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