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Why the New Paradigm for Therapy Works So Well

At first, counseling was very frustrating for me. Traditionally, counselors use a 50 minute hour. I found that after 50 minutes we were just getting someplace and I had to stop. Deep healing work was virtually impossible.

That’s when I decided to try a new paradigm for healing therapy. I asked my clients to come for open ended appointments and fewer of them. I told them I’d give them a full 60 minutes. Often we would meet for 90 minutes, or even two hours or more. Our goal at each session was to “get somewhere”, to work together until we both felt we had achieved results. The effect was nothing short of miraculous.

Because we achieve results each time we meet, I often helped people get where they wanted to go in three or four sessions. One notable client was a nun who had been abused by priests. She owed her current therapist over $10,000. After three sessions we were able to heal her deepest pain and she didn’t need me any longer.

I still work that way today and almost everyone is thrilled with the results. If a person can’t afford to come every week we meet every two or three weeks. I also assign homework for them to do between sessions so they can work more efficiently and need me less. This could involve targeted journaling, meditation on relevant scriptures, reading books, or using The 14th STEP, my spiritual self-healing workbook.

When I incorporate retreats into the mix the results are even more dramatic. One retreat is like getting 5-10 sessions with me at a fraction of the cost.

Counselors who I trained say each retreat is worth six months to a year’s worth of therapy. Retreats are an efficient way to begin the deep healing process. Attendees learn to do healing work that they can continue at home.

If someone comes from out of town to a retreat, I often schedule some individual work for them, and then maintain our work together on the phone as needed after they go home.

Some people think counseling and retreats are expensive. I say that such work doesn’t cost, it pays. Some years ago, a CEO told me the insights he gained in one session at a retreat were better than what he had gotten from two and a half years of weekly therapy as a young man. Within a month of that retreat, he consummated a business deal that netted him five million dollars. He said he couldn’t have done that had he not healed the issues that held him back.

Even if you don’t do anything that dramatic, we are talking about your quality of life. Often we spend money on cars, conveniences and entertainment and not the things that really improve our lives. A small investment in you can make your whole life better. All you really have to lose is your pain.

Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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