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What Is Eternal Life Really?

I’ve been having a wonderful experience for the last week or so. You would like it … no, love it! So please let me tell you about it.

 First, some background. When I came to LA over six years ago it was to pursue my dream of publishing books and making feature films that would help people know the God who is Love and who yearns to heal their pain. I didn’t come here to lose my marriage and my entire net worth, but that’s what happened. It’s very strange being suddenly single, broke and over 50.

  It’s also strange being a former pastor and having a heck of a time finding a church I can connect with. Unfortunately, very few model God’s unconditional love. Most are boring. Few have really good worship and they usually have pastors who don’t know when to stop preaching. Most use guilt to motivate people to change. Ironically, this is especially true for those who emphasize grace! Some churches are so broad minded their people may never get through the narrow gate. Sadly, the few who stress God’s love and try to embody it are so New Age, their thinking so muddled, all you can do is shake your head and walk – no run, away. I attended one like that – a huge new age church with a great reputation. The preacher promised a life changing message then talked for 45 minutes on – I kid you not – a story about the life changing effects of tree hugging in Africa!

 I tell you this because with the struggles and temptations of being single, and in a city where most relationships are a quarter inch deep, I drifted away from being close to the Lord. If you’ve ever done that, you know how bad it feels. It’s like having a falling out with your closest friend; being alienated from your wife; having your kids at odds with you. It’s worse. It’s like having a hole in your heart, an empty spot no one and nothing can fill. It’s like the nagging pain and loneliness of falling out of love.

 But recently I’ve been getting close to Him again. It isn’t because I’ve found a new church or repented of all my sins or suddenly began to pray and worship every day. It started by reading a book by Wayne Dyer called MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY. In it, he encourages us for just a few days to try to live in unconditional love towards everyone; to reshape our thoughts and attitudes towards each person we meet so we are free of judgment, rancor, anger, and all bitterness in every human encounter. He says, “Life flows with the freedom of unconditional love”. He calls it “the mystery of life”. He encourages us to “Extend loving thoughts and energy whenever and wherever you encounter anything or anyone”.

 As soon as I started to do that, I reconnected with God. God doesn’t have love He IS Love. This is so simple and obvious it’s ridiculous. I always knew this. After all, the Bible says “Love never fails”. I knew it but I just didn’t do it.

 Once I began to love unconditionally, wonderful things began to happen. But first I became aware of my sour inner dialogue. I saw how often I allowed anger into my thoughts while driving. I felt my rudeness and impatience with store clerks. I felt the sting of my own judgments towards others and knew that they must feel them too. Thankfully, as I sweetened my inner dialogue changes began instantly. When some clerk asked me in a perfunctory way, “How are you?”, instead of grunting fine and not even looking at them I said “Great! How’s your day?” When people said glibly “Have a nice day,” I responded by looking them in the eye, smiling and saying, “I hope your day is wonderful too.” As I did little things to brighten the drab existence of the clerks whose menial tasks make my life easier I found precious opportunities to connect with the God who loves every person as if he or she were His special and unique child. Indeed, that is precisely who they are.

 I also started a Skeptics Bible Study this week. For years I wondered what it would be like to teach like Jesus did. He never sat people down and lectured them for an hour. He engaged their questions, allowed them to freely contribute their thoughts, and graciously entertained their doubts, needs and fears. I always felt that if I ever taught a study again I would want it to be like that – a place where people could ask whatever they wanted; where they could be free to interact; where they could openly and honestly relate their struggles with God and His Word without fear of being rejected or given pat religious answers that don’t make sense.

 We began that study Sunday night and it was a real kick! There was just a handful of us but one is a great friend who until recently was an agnostic. Now she knows there’s a God but she isn’t quite sure she is ready to give Him the reigns. Another is a brilliant retired rocket scientist (literally). He trusts Jesus but struggles honestly with a Bible that seems quaint, naïve and archaically unscientific. Another is his wife, a loving Christian woman whose dramatic conversion at 52 over 20 years ago was so powerful her husband couldn’t deny that Christ made a real difference in her life.

 We started with the gospel of John. I had this fantasy that we would get through the first chapter. After an hour, it was all we could do to finish eight verses, but it sure was fun. As people sensed they could ask any questions and interject comments at will, we talked about eternity and the infinity of space. We discussed how Moses led the Jews across a sea that parted for them then swallowed their enemies. We touched on electricity,  lasers and television, and discussed the profound language differences between Hebrews and Greeks. After an hour, I asked each person three questions: what did they learn, what did that imply for their daily life, and what help did they need from God to act on what they learned. Then we prayed for God’s help, ate cookies and drank coffee. It was really fun.

 As I prepared for the study I discovered a terrific definition for eternal life. Churches make a terrible mistake in discussing heaven and hell with nonbelievers. Jesus never did that. He knew that judgment hardens the heart; that no one feels worthy of hell, not even Hitler. Instead He offered people much more than cheap fire insurance, He came to give us an abundant life. Who doesn’t want that? The only people He ever warned about hell were religious hypocrites. In the good news of John (Gospel means good news but it’s such a tarnished word I try not to use it.) we learn that through Christ we can have eternal life. That’s more than living forever and you don’t have to die to get it! It’s what I call ‘Pie on the Plate’ religion. It begins here and now.

 The best definition I've heard for eternal life came from William Barclay’s wonderful New Testament study guides. He says, “Eternal life is living the life which God lives”. Isn’t that sweet? It’s exactly what I did as I sought to love unconditionally. I only pray that I can keep this up; that I can continue to love like God does; that I can continuously experience the awesome love, joy and peace that comes from being more like Jesus. Someone said, “It’s hard to love unconditionally.” In fact, it’s harder not to.


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