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Who Should Be your Higher Power?

Who is your higher power? Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, Mother Nature?

 Jesus is my higher power. Here’s why: after studying all the great world religions, no other deity can do for me what He has. None even offered to. He is the only figure in history that said that healing the broken-hearted was essential to His life mission. Unlike all other religious figures, because He is alive today, He is the ultimate higher power. He can help us here and now. He has proven that to me repeatedly through retreats I attended and my work with clients and leading retreats.

 Jesus also came to give us an abundant life. For decades I’ve said if anyone has a better way to live, I’ll give up on Christ and try it. No one has ever offered me anything close. Honestly, if there were no Heaven or Hell I’d still be a Christian. Scriptural Christianity has the best agenda for a rich, full, happy and meaningful life on earth.

How do I know? He changed my life, gave me an exciting purpose, a wonderful family and terrific friends. He’s also taught me how to stay healthy, freed me from destructive compulsions, and He’s been restoring my bruised and wounded soul since 1971. Along the way, He has taught me how to find love, inner peace and joy. He also promised the best eternal retirement benefits of any religion known to man: eternity in the presence of total Love, no suffering, surrounded by gracious, kind, joyful people. You could call it eternal bliss.

 Too many, Christianity only seems relevant after we die. I once concluded I should enjoy life to the fullest then convert when I got old just to hedge my bets. Actually, I wasn’t sure I even believed in the next life. My life was already a living hell. I sure didn’t want to miss what little fun there was so I could maybe go to Heaven some day.

 Though I attended church most of my life, I never heard one sermon on why Jesus came to earth. I was shocked to learn He didn’t just offer us pie-in-the-sky in the sweet bye and bye. He came to give us our just desserts. He came so we can have our cake and eat it too. It’s what I call pie-on- the-plate religion.

He also knew we needed help us with some things, not the least of which was sin. Sin, what we call compulsive behavior today, enslaves us.

My motto as a teenager was ‘live it up now you can live it down later’. I started smoking at twelve, drinking in bars by fourteen and sex with girls at sixteen. Drugs, partying hardy, making money and other vain attempts to grab all the gusto in life came later. But there was a diminishing return on my sins. By the time I gave my life to Christ, I felt that one woman wasn’t enough. Drinking on weekends wouldn’t do it, I wanted to party all the time. But after a while, the parties weren’t even fun anymore. 

 I finally gave my life to God, but not because I wanted to go to Heaven. Jesus never asked anyone “If you were hit by a chariot tonight where would you spend eternity.” He helped people with their felt needs. He demonstrated the Love of God. He still does that today. I gave Him my life because I just wanted peace of mind. Fortunately, I knew some Christians who had that and I wanted it too. I was shocked when I He also gave me love, joy, meaning, fulfillment and an adventurous life.

 By giving us what we truly need instead of the counterfeit, by filling up our deepest emptiness with His loving Spirit, He frees us from self-destruction. He offers us real freedom, not slavery. And when Jesus sets us free we are free indeed.

As soon as I surrendered to His love, I was free from most of my bondages. Even my sex drive was tamed. I loved everybody. I no longer wanted to use people. When you have real love, you don’t need substitutes that can’t satisfy you. Since God accepted me, I no longer needed chemicals to help me relax and accept myself. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. My life was instantly, thoroughly different.

 But I thought every problem I had was dealt with. It wasn’t. His Spirit enabled me to overcome every temptation but there were some I didn’t want to overcome. He promises to restore our soul but that doesn’t happen overnight, and we can’t do that alone. That takes the rest of our life. Healing, like sanctification, is a lifelong journey. But I must say, every time I’ve gone to an event for my own growth and healing He has more than met my needs. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t invested in my personal spiritual development. It’s the best use of time and money I’ve ever made.

 The prophet Jeremiah said that in the latter days, God would heal our pain. Sin is unbridled today, as never before in history, and where sin abounds pain abounds. It contains the spiritual carcinogens that can destroy us. No one escapes life unscathed; we all experience a broken heart. Until it’s healed, our hurts give Satan a foothold to take back our lives. We crave the anesthetic that hooks us. Only healing can free us.

 That’s why the Lord promised to heal all our dis-eases, to save us body, soul and spirit, to totally restore our soul. He not only promises to do it, He can and He will. He came not only to free us from the penalty of our sin but also to free us from its compulsive power.

 How? Jesus lived a sinless life. Because of that, He can give us the power to do the same. Jesus broke sin’s power over us. Those who receive the Holy Spirit can overcome the sins that would otherwise destroy them.

 All this begins when we come to know the Lord. In Him, we have an inexhaustible source of grace, peace, joy, mercy and unconditional love. He knows everything that made us the way we are and what it takes to undo the damage that’s been done. He has the power to heal us inside and out and to free us from all that would keep us from getting all the love and spiritual resources we need to have the very best that life has to offer. We tap into that very knowledge and power at our retreats.

God is not only the highest power on earth but also, thankfully, He’s benevolent. He who holds the reigns of the universe is the very essence of perfect Love. He not only loves you He genuinely likes you.

 So that’s why I believe that if you need healing, Jesus should be your Higher Power. He’s not only the highest Power there is, but He’s also the best news I’ve ever encountered. If He’s done these things for me, there’s no reason why He won’t do them for you.


Ken Unger is President of and founder of, where you can learn more about him and his transformative ministry. click here ,
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