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The Key to Confidence

We all want confidence. It’s essential if we are to succeed in life. But the Bible tells us it doesn’t come from simply believing we can do anything we set our minds to. The fact is we can’t. Not all of us can become Olympic athletes, or beautiful actresses. Proverbs 14:26 gives us the key to having real confidence. And what it says may surprise you: “In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence, and His children shall have a refuge.”

 This verse contains some wonderful promises. First, we all yearn for confidence. It's key to our success in almost everything. This passage tells us how to get it. Instead of fearing man, which is a trap -- the trap of codependency (doing things to gain the ever elusive approval of men), if we fear God, we gain the confidence we so dearly need.

 The ‘fear of God’ is problematic for many people. We've been taught to ignore guilt, as is if it's merely a throwback to some silly religious superstition. But in reality, the fear of God is merely an awareness of the consequences of disobeying His laws. We can't weigh a pound of gravity but if we don't believe in it and leap from a third story window, we still hit the ground pretty hard. His moral laws are equally inflexible. Eventually, there are profound consequences for ignoring them. Things aren't true because they are in the Bible; they are in the Bible because they are true.

 Secondly, the passage promises a refuge for God's children. Contrary to modern cultural mythology, we aren't all God's children. To be sure, we all have the invitation to become His children. God shuts his family off to no one, but merely being born doesn’t make us His kid. He's willing to adopt us all, but we must want to be His children. If we invite Him to be our Lord, we can be born again and receive the power and authority to become His children (John 1:12).

 The good news in this passage is that when we do that, we find a safe refuge from the trials of life. The Bible says He hides us under His wings. Like a when a mother eagle protects her babies, we can find secure shelter there.

 Cities of refuge were set up in the Bible for innocent people accused of crimes. Guilty people could also flee there. If you got to a city of refuge before your accusers captured you they couldn't touch you. You were safe. God is that for us. Satan is our accuser, but when we turn to our gracious God, Satan can't force us to fully experience the consequences of our sins.

 God's never made a promise He hasn't kept. These are dependable verses from His Word that offer us an enduring hope: strong confidence and refuge in our time of trouble. That's Good News!


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